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Which bot should I buy and when? Setting up your War Robots hangar can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be!

Slots before bots! Dash for Cash! Insert your favorite War Robots Hangar slogan here!

War Robots Hangar
A typical Expert League-style Hangar

New pilots start out with a Destrier and not much else. After the first several games, the daunting task of choosing between new slots, upgrading bots or purchasing new ones, buying new weapons, saving up for either/or, etc. All piles up. Although we will be bringing you a comprehensive Beginners’ Guide to War Robots, this blog post will focus solely on setting up your War Robots Hangar in three stages: Early Game (Recruit to Silver League), Intermediate (Gold to Expert League), and Pro (Master to Champion League). We’ve done this for simplicity’s sake, as different leagues will have different levels of competition, let alone access to certain bots and weapons. WRG NOTE: If you splash the cash at a lower league to juice up your equipment, you will blast through the leagues much faster and dominate your opponents much quicker. All information here is up to date – 3.6 Update.


The Basics/Early Game Hangar

Do: Invest in Bots and Weapons that will have a lasting effect in the game. Ex. Buy Griffin, Pinata, Pin, Tulumbas, Orkan, etc.

Don’t: Invest in, upgrade, or purchase bots or weapons that will become obsolete at higher levels. Ex. Destrier, Schutze, Spiral, etc.

Do: Save your Gold and WSP to purchase medium-top tier bots and weapons. Ex. Buy Carnage, Rhino, Fujin, Raijin, Galahad, Magnum, Taran, Trebuchet

Don’t: Blow your Gold on fast upgrades, drop WSP on outdated weapons like Trident (we know this is controversial but the once mighty sniper gun has losts its edge in newer meta) or bots like Gepard or Stalker

Do: Research best bot setups and work towards them. Set these goals and stick to them as spreading out your interest will keep you from achieving these in any reasonable time

Don’t: Buy silly offers for weapons that have little use or spend Silver on wasteful weapons. Ex. You do not need Noricum or Arbalest, so keep your components focused solely on advanced weaponry.

The Hangar is where you set up your bots for you battle. This is where all the upgrading (one at a time) takes place for bots and weapons, equipping, changing and selling all take place… and there are many strategies to choose from when building out your hangar. When you focus on the purpose of your hangar – best bots and weapons vs. opposing teams’ setups – you’ll quickly realize that all the time and effort spent on acquiring the currencies associated with upgrades or purchases better be made correct, or else you’ll be repeating the same process over and over again. This is why, for example, Stalker and Gepard are very effective at low tiers, but the time and effort to save that WSP and Gold are better used on Fujin or Galahad, bots which actually can last until later in the game. Spend your Silver to upgrade them once and you’re good to go for the long haul. So that’s that… but for now…

For starters, a fresh Destrier is already in your hangar ready for battle. What you’ll want to do initially is play a few games and earn enough Silver (Ag) to open up your second slot (2nd Slot costs 5,000 Ag) and purchase a new bot. As the game progresses and you level up (max. level 30), you will unlock the option to purchase new weapons and bots. All bots begin with weapons attached as default (you can find which weapons come on which bots in our previous post here Get Free Weapons). Suggested entry level bots are the Cossack for beacon capping, Leo for close-quarter combat or Boa for versatile combat. Natasha is the Sniper Du Juor of the early game.

At the same time, you’ll want to make sure your hangar remains balanced. That means, effectively, one close-quarter brawler, one long-range sniper, and one for intermediate usage which can fight but also cap beacons. You can even go full-on beacon capper. Depends on the pilot and their desire/skillset. Achieve your daily tasks for Gold (Au) and begin to upgrade the bots and weapons you are having fun/are most effective with. Purchasing the “Premium” option gives you more Silver and Experience and helps to level up your Pilot profile and gear quicker.

You’ll want to make a crucial choice next once you start to pile up the Gold after opening your 3rd Slot for 100 Gold. Do you want to start saving Workshop Points (WSP) purchasable for Silver to afford a WSP-bot, such as the mighty Carnage, Rhino, Fujin or Raijin? Or would you rather spend that Silver on upgrades? Once you commit, stay in that direction or you’ll find yourself frustrated – War Robots takes time! – and patience is a virtue when playing this game and upgrading your hangar. Get a Griffin or 2 or 3, as these bots hold up very well into the Pro Level of the game. Hangars with 5 varied Griffins, meaning Plasma Death Button Griffin with twin Magnums and Tarans, Death Button Griffin with two Pinatas/Orkans and Russian Death Button Griffins with dual Pin/Tulumbas, are incredibly useful and won’t be wasted until you reach the pinnacle of War Robots. Save your WSP for Magnums and Tarans. Save your Gold for Orkans. These weapons have serious staying power.

By the time you have 3 slots open and 4-5 level bots and weapons, get started on saving 1,000 Gold for your 4th slot. You should also begin to save WSP for one or two of these bots. They are very effective in the Intermediate Game.

The Intermediate Game

So now that you have bots and weapons over level 8-9 in your War Robots Hangar, own two or more WSP bots, and have unlocked your 4th slot for 1,000 Gold… where to next? Again this all depends on the pilot and what direction they want to go. By this point, you have already reached level 30 or are close to it, so everything in the game is unlocked. Decisions, decisions.

Get that 5th Slot! Slots before bots is the common saying in War Robots, and with each added bot you will have more durability in the game, meaning you’ll last longer, and you’ll be able to deal more damage and help your teammates better. 5,000 Gold is quite a bit for the last remaining slot, but don’t be deterred. More Silver awaits with more damage, as does Gold and Keys bonuses for the Black Market. It is definitely worth it. Get that slot, then go for your first Fury or Lancelot, depending on your hangars need for a brawler or a sniper.  During this time, you can also start stacking up the weapons you’ll need for your setups. For example, if I want that Fury triple Trebuchet, I’ll start saving WSP and buying Trebuchets while saving Gold for the Fury.

War Robots Hangar
Don’t do it! Well, until you reach the pinnacle of the game
Soon your lower-level Silver bots will all be replaced by WSP and Gold bots, while the Griffin may hang around depending on several factors: Luck in the Black Market or Royale in attaining top-tier bots or weapons, saving and spending habits. Components should already be adding up for you to get some of the best gear in the game both from the in-game games but also the new Supply Drops. Also the option to purchase additional hangar decks will arise. These are incredibly pricey (7,500 Au each!) These are for very advanced players who set several hangars up for each game type (sprinter lineup for King of the Hill, brawler lineup for small maps and Domination/Beacon Rush, etc). Don’t be tempted to waste your hard-earned gold!

war robots hangar

For the Pros – Top Tier Bots and Weapons

Once you complete the long haul to the Master and Champion Leagues, you have nothing but Dash bots, Inquisitors and Spectres waiting for you. The odd Fury will arise here and there in different game types to zap you from afar. Some reward for reaching the top, right? Well, by this point you should start to be acquiring your own powerhouse bots as well in your War Robots Hangar. “Pay to Play” and “Wallet Warriors” will be popping up quite often and for the grisled, battle-hardened champ that the free-to-play pilots are, should be lunch meat… well that is once you match them bot-for-bot or weapon-for-weapon. No judging here at the War Robots Guide, however. All are welcome at the top.

For the latest version of War Robots, the 3.6 Update, the top tiers consist of mostly those bots listed above, plus players who have found their specialized niche in order to deal damage. FujinHydras, for example, can be piloted to perfection at MK2 and still hang with the big boys. There isn’t too much to say here that most experienced players don’t know, but since we promote balanced hangars here for situational combat scenarios, we can give a good example of a top tier hangar.

This means a sniper with Fury Trebs or Zeus, followed by Dash Bots including the new Strider, then followed up by the new Spectre and Inquisitor. These bots will boast Shocktrain, Scourge, Ember, Redeemer, et al. At this level Shocktrains and Scourges rule the field in medium slots on Dash bots, while Embers are found on Lancelots and Inquisitors alike.

Have more to add? Leave a comment below or shoot us an email at and have your say!

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  1. Inquisitor Wr

    Thanks for the information! It helped me and I will be using the given advice in my gameplay. I also would like to submit some War Robot concept bots.

    March 11, 2018 Reply
    • Phil

      Sure, shoot us any images or tips at

      March 11, 2018 Reply
      • Inquisitor WR

        Ok, Should i put Kang Daes on my Natasha with Molots or Gekkos?

        March 12, 2018 Reply
  2. Jorge

    Well my game name is ThrowInTheTowel from The clan 10MinutesofH€££ [GWAR] and I made the mistake of not getting shocktrains, I am a nonconformist by nature, but have come to conclude it’s near impossible to advance far above 5000 without I think I got to like 5050…or close. I can sometimes still win 2nd or 3rd….now if I fall out of Champ league and beginning challenge process or drop into master 1 altogether I basically dominate and get 1st or second with 8-10AU amounts. But This True It’s all Spectre shock trains and bulgs with ST or scourge…so I’m in limbo till I can get ST for my Spectre….though I have 86% on strider components and have a level 10 redeamer and 12/11mags to put on it on bench to replace a Lancelot. Then I can go For ST or Dragoons….Dragoons I also wish I’d a bought when they were cheap…they raised WSP prices on them exponentially.

    I have a fury(yet to be upgraded) my question is should I get 3 Dragoons for it first or 4 ST for my Spectre? Dragoons only need 3 and you get so many more, but is it viable in champ or only in team play…I fly solo no one in my clan is near my level and won’t squad with me cause they get crushed.

    May 21, 2018 Reply
    • Abu Ivri

      Hey Jorge, I’d suggest first a clan that you can run with – near your level. But in the current situation, Spectre w/ 4 Shocktrains is deadly from mid-range and ultra-versatile if you can time your “Descend” properly. Dragoon is nasty on Fury and does real damage, but if you don’t have a supporting cast then it is a sitting duck against top tier players. Your call but for my money, I’d go with Spectre and 4 Shocks (Note: I run Spectre with 4 Orkans, plus a Fury with Triple Zeus in my hangar)

      May 25, 2018 Reply


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