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With more and more daily and event tasks focused on beacons, here’s a Beacon Capping 101 Guide to success!

Grab beacons like a pro with our Beacon Capping 101 Guide focused on maximizing your captures to the fullest.

This blog post, Beacon Capping 101, will run several parts:

1. Beacon Capping 101 Basics

2. Beacon Capping 101 Best Bots

3. Beacon Capping 101 Strategies Per Map

Beacon Capping 101 Basics

Beacon Capping has always been an integral part to War Robots success and pilots of all levels recognize that the key component of winning any battle is to control as many beacons as possible for as long as possible (save Team Deathmatch Mode, of course). War Robots measures beacon captures in two ways: capturing a neutral beacon (beacon is white) and liberating a hostile beacon (beacon is red). Each type is also important depending on your type of task, whether it be a daily task or an event task. Daily Tasks for beacons are listed in your objectives as “Area Domination” tasks, which compose of either capturing white and red beacons or liberating hostile red beacons. These Daily Tasks are worth either 30 or 40 Gold, or 150 Workshop Points (WSP).

For 30 Gold: Capture 18 Beacons or Capture 5 Beacons with a light robot or the same with a medium robot. Liberate 13 Hostile Beacons, Liberate 4 hostile beacons with a light robot.

For 40 Gold: Liberate 2 hostile beacons with a light robot in a single battle, Liberate 2 hostile beacons with a medium robot in a single battle, Liberate 3 hostile beacons in a single battle

For 150 WSP: Liberate 25 hostile beacons, Capture 4o beacons

beacon capping 101
Daily Tasks are available for either 30 or 40 Au, or 150 WSP

Event Tasks are listed under Bonus Tasks. These can include “Destroy Robots” tasks which are pretty self explanatory, or several other types of tasks such as “Win X Battles.” In the Lunar New Year 2018 task list, most steps which include beacons are to Capture 8 Beacons until 13 Beacons.

beacon capping 101
Capturing Beacons in the 2018 Lunar New Year Event for Storm Components

Beacon Capping Best Bots

A quick word on the optimum bots for beacon capping. Speed is king for beacon capping, followed by durability and weapon capacity. Additional perks for cappers are shielding in the following order: built-in Ancile/Energy Shields, built-in Physical Shields, then add-on shields ie. Ancile on heavy hardpoint, ECU on light/medium hardpoints. Abilities such as Dash and Stealth are big bonuses. The level at which you are playing at also affects which bots will be the most effective, therefore while Dash bots may be the premier cappers, lower-level players will be running bots such as Cossack, Gepard or versatile bots like Carnage. We’ll break some types down below:

Dash Bots: Haechi, Bulgasari, Strider, Kumiho

These are the premier cappers in the game for not only their speed but ability to handle themselves in any combat situations which may arise. Kumiho has the edge for capping over, say the Bulgasari, for its quicker recharge and higher top speed. Strider is the ultimate capper due to its five dash charges and top speed.

Strider has 5 Dash Charges and an impressive top speed

Speedy Light Bots: Stalker, Gareth

Stalker’s Stealth ability gives it the advantage of capping a beacon with enemies around and unable to hit it. Once the Stealth is deactivated, however, you may be a sitting duck. Shoot, move, cap, hide. Gareth is also quite effective thanks to its quick speed and Physical Shield. Both of these bots are supremely effective until the top tiers when high-level rockets and missiles are abound.

Mobile Medium Bots: Carnage, Galahad, Rogatka, Hover, Pursuer, Hellburner, Inquisitor, Spectre, Falcon

Carnage has a built-in Energy Shield to protect it from missiles and rockets, while its Rush ability allows it to sprint at speed. Galahad can move well but loses its speed when its Physical Shield is activated. Rogatka is a great beacon capper due to its speed, rapid Jump ability and short cooldown and lastly, its twin medium hardpoints. Hover can take to the skies and cover an enormous amount of ground quickly, though it is vulnerable when in range of enemies. These bots should be considered decent cappers but not optimum at certain levels and they are certainly not specialists. Well, save Rogatka of course.

The two new 3.7 Update bots, Puruser and Hellburner are quick bots capable of getting around maps quickly. Hellburner will explode after its Overload ability, so take that into account when capping! By the 3.9 Update, Inquisitors and Spectres have become more prevalent in the game (thanks to Supply Drops & Daily Offers & Royale), while Falcon has been introduced to the mix. Falcon & Spectre are a bit more mobile than Inquisitor, while the Descend Ability allows the latter two to capture beacons without taking incoming fire. Just make sure to fire lots of rounds while gaining that become because once Stealth drops out, you’re a sitting duck. Falcon’s physical shield is a beast and also deflects loads of incoming damage during a beacon grab.

Situational Cappers: Gepard, Cossack, Jesse, Rhino

Rhino is the pick of the bunch here thanks to its Assault Ability, in which it runs at pace and activates a front shield. Cossack is a quick little guy that doesn’t last long when facing enemies. Jesse and Gepard are fast bots and pack a little power but are vulnerable to all incoming fire.

Beacon Capping Strategies Per Map

Instead of making a big “write-up” on how to play each map, we decided to throw together a quick chart for each blueprint on common bot traffic in regards to starting games when on the hunt for beacons or general play. These strategy maps are useful for Beacon Rush and Domination modes. Obviously for King of the Hill, you want to run for the beacon that is activated. Team Deathmatch is without beacons.
Important: The key for the map is basically this: circles indicate starting position(s) while lines with arrows depict the routes taken to obtain the closest/quickest beacons. The numbers indicate at which order you should try to take the beacons. Obviously depending on enemy movement, you may have to change your line or alter your strategy. In addition, the weaponry enemies use will dictate whether or not you should continue your path. If you have a shielded bot vs. a single plasma gun, go for it. If a triple Fury is waiting for you and you are running an Ancile or Energy shield with no physical shielding… go to the second route! Click the maps for full size!

beacon capping 101

Canyon – You can grab one or possibly two beacons easily from the beginning. Firstly, head towards your closest beacon, either over the bridge or on the elevated platform, then make your way around the outer edge of the map. The center beacon is a common battleground, while sticking to the outside loop allows for sneak attacks and grabbing an enemy-zone beacon. This also keeps you out of the range and behind cover from snipers. If you don’t see an enemy Red moving towards the center, pop in hiding behind your side of the wall for cover.

beacon capping 101

Carrier – This is the best map to grab beacons initially. The straightforward layout means that with a Dash bot, you should be able to sprint up the deck grabbing a minimum of 2 beacons. The middle beacon, much like Yamantau, is hotly contested so you’ll need to be extra quick to get that third. Sprint to the forward-most edge of each beacon you capture to shave valuable seconds off getting to the middle beacon. The mirrored map (indicated by the long red line through the middle) and its straight line layout means that crafty pilots will have to make good use of the bottom-deck cover to snake the beacons on the opposite side of the map. Grab one on Beacon Rush, however, and the advantage to your team is immense!

beacon capping 101

Dead City – Your raised beacon directly to your left can be grabbed immediately by either climbing the ramp or from the ground. The ground may be a faster option, then a quick sprint down the course towards beacons A or C should be next up. If the Reds rush to either of those in numbers, you can always head towards the center Beacon E. If you run towards your A or C beacon, then you can run the opposite way as well. Just be careful for Red snipers that rush to the top of the ramp for a better vantage point. It is usually easier to get to the center beacon from this position.

beacon capping 101

DreadnoughtThe A and E beacons are easily gettable from the beginning, while the center C beacon is a tight battlefield. From A or E, head to B before anyone spots you. From the center beacon you can run out to Beacon D. Just watch for flanking Reds from their territory as you head down the ramp.

beacon capping 101

MoonBegin by grabbing your A or E beacon, then make haste towards your B or D beacon. The center C beacon is also capturable from the first beacons from below. For an aggressive strategy, head towards your enemy territory D or B beacons, then rush for their A or E beacons. This small map means most beacons are fought for and changed over many times. One of the best maps to liberate enemy beacons.

beacon capping 101

Powerplant – Two common lines taken here from the beginning are B to A or straight from D or E to C. C is a conflict point and easy for snipers to pick¬† you from the hill or brawlers to sneak around for hit and runs. B is also a conflict point due to its proximity to the three surrounding beacons. Dash bots can now easily outrun standard bots in capturing beacons in the early game on this map. Head towards the beacons they aren’t gunning for.

Rome – This is a great map to grab 1-2 beacons from the start, however you’ll soon find yourself in the middle of conflict. If you are going to rush for 3 beacons immediately, then make sure to have plenty of firepower in your Dash/Hover bot. From your spawn point, quickly hit the A-E beacons then sprint to the B-D beacons. If you notice an opening in the Colosseum (C) beacon, then by all means grab it! It is quite advantageous for your team and you’ll have plenty of cover from non-Jump/Hover bots. Especially useful if the Red team is overloading on the side B-D beacons.

beacon capping 101

Shenzhen – Well, the A and C beacons are right by the spawn point so as soon as you drop into battle, get a move on. After that, run to the B or D beacon – which ever one isn’t being stalked by 3 or 4 enemy Reds. Brave pilots can go hard towards the E beacon but you’ll be completely exposed so drop in with a shielded bot if you dare. If your teammates are adept, especially on Beacon Rush, make a go for the enemy A or C beacon… if you win it, then you can respawn in enemy territory and rack up the damage.

beacon capping 101

Springfield – The size of this map makes beacon capping tricky, but not impossible. Depending on your spawn point, either in the dry riverbed or up on the platform, you can capture your A or B beacon quite easily. Quicker bots should make a go for the C or E beacons, and Dash or medium bots are great to make a run on D. Due to the beacon D being located closer to one team, they have a much greater chance of gaining control. Note: Beacon C can be captured from the ground – handy if you don’t have a Jump bot. Just get behind the third pillar under the beacon and you should have it.

beacon capping 101

Valley – This small map offers plenty of opportunity to capture beacons. Grab the corner A or E beacon first, then collapse on the middle. If the enemy team captures and runs from their beacon to fight, a little patience means you can snake theirs rather easily. A B-D combo from the beginning will most likely require some fighting so don’t go all in with a light bot. As bots die out in the center kill zone, timing is everything when trying to capture center.

beacon capping 101

Yamantau – Being a large map, grabbing beacons after the initial charge is incredibly difficult. Quickly grab your local C or E beacon, sprint either towards your side A or B beacon or shoot for the center D Beacon. After that, with how open the map is, you’ll probably have to wait for the late game to charge your opponent’s’ side beacons. The center can be fought over and won and lost several times during a match so there is that. Wide flanking maneuvers are doable but time-consuming and should you lose out to a sniper, then you’ve wasted a good portion of your match.

Did we miss anything in Beacon Capping 101? Leave anything out? Leave a comment below or shoot us an email at


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    I have a level 4 or 5 Stalked. Do you have a guide for the best way to use it?

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    • Phil

      Hi, check out the Stalker Page under the “Robots” Tab. There are some helpful hints in there!

      March 11, 2018 Reply
      • Inquisitor WR

        copy that!

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