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Lancelot, Fury or 5th Spot? One of the several questions answered in FAQs February!

There are many frequently asked questions that show up on War Robots Forums. FAQs February has you covered!

faqs february
WSP Bots: Raijin or Fujin?

War Robots Guide is starting a new monthly FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions – for all the most common questions routinely asked on Facebook, Reddit and other forums.  By now we are all sick of hearing pilots new and old repeat the same questions – should a buy a Fujin or Raijin with my WSP? How about spending my hard-earned 5,000 Au on a Lancelot, Fury or 5th Spot? Well don’t worry, we are here to break down your options and help guide you along your War Robots way. Here are the top five questions we have found on the forums for February:

FAQ #1 – Of the two “spider” bots, which is better: Raijin or Fujin?

Firstly, a quick breakdown of each bot: The medium-class Fujin costs 13,000 WSP, can hang from ledges, packs 3 medium-hardpoints. The Sentry Ability elevates its tower, gaining a better view over the battlefield and activates his built-in regenerating energy shield. While in this mode, Fujin is unable to move, but is still able to turn around and fire. The heavy-class Raijin costs 15,000 WSP, can climb most walls, runs 2 heavy-hardpoint slots. Upon entering Bastion Mode, Raijin elevates the tower, gaining a better view over the battlefield and activates 2 built-in Physical Shields. While in this mode, Raijin is unable to move but can turn around and fire. Outgoing damage of equipped weapons increases by 30%.

Secondly, and most importantly, which is better? Fujin is 8 km/h faster, while Raijin has significantly more health points. Fujin has a regenerating Energy Shield, Raijin can activate 2 powerful Physical Shields. But the winner is… by common consensus… Fujin. It’s cheaper, sure, but the ability to boast 3 medium hardpoints makes it a much more versatile bot. Triple Hydras and now Triple Vortex, each setup allows pilots to gain an advantageous position and fire away. While Fujin is vulnerable to Plasma weapons, positioning and the ability to strike from distance makes it a real powerhouse on the battlefield. Raijin is great for beacon holding, especially when equipped with dual Ember or Thunder… but Fujin takes the crown of the quad-legged bots.

special abilities
And consensus says… Triple Hydra Fujin for the win!

FAQ #2 – I am saving up 5,000 Au and almost there… should I get a Lancelot, Fury or purchase that 5th slot?

faqs february

This is perhaps the most asked so far in the War Robots Forums so we had to include in FAQS February – intermediate players wondering whether they should spend all their hard-earned Gold from the lower tiers on either their 5th slot, a Lancelot or a Fury. Well the answer is, unanimously, hands-down, the 5th slot. Regardless of your current hangar, pilots will automatically have a 20% minimum increase in their hangar’s efficiency and ability to help their team succeed in battle. That’s it. Now on to the next question… should you purchase a Lancelot or a Fury? Both bots cost 5 Gs but are very different in their abilities and weapons offerings, not too mention shielding, speed and usefulness.

faqs february
The Rivalry.

Before the 3.6 update and the influx of Dash bots, this was the most relevant decision of a pilot’s career. The two top-tier bots both packed superior firepower vs. their rivals and were unmatched for advantage when in your hangar. The simple answer to this difficult question is playing style and hangar balance. Do you need a sniper or a powerful brawler in your setup? Alternatively, ask yourself this: Does my playing style involve rushing into battle and brawling at close quarters, or do I have the patience to hang back from the action and snipe my enemies into oblivion? Pilots can also take into account the current weapons they hold… if you have three Zeus or Trebuchet, the Fury is ready to go. New meta Redeemer is also highly-functional on Fury. If you have an Ancile Shield plus a pair of Tarans/Orkans/Scourge, or a single Ember, then grab a Lancelot and head into battle.

FAQ #3 – The new Components System is awful. How can I get a Dash bot to compete with all the new Dash bots?

That awkward moments when a 9,500 Au Fury Triple Zeus is the least expensive bot in your hangar

The most relevant in FAQS February for the 3.6 Update. Simply put, there are several ways to get a Dash Bot in your hangar:

  1. Daily Offers – Spend real money, Au or WSP in the Daily Offers menu to pile up the Components of the Bot/Weapon of your choosing. Generally speaking, these offers range from 30% to 60% off, and take some time to stack up. Each offer can now be purchased twice, good news for those with plenty of currencies laying around
  2. War Robots Royale – Expensive with Au, but worth it for the extra goodies. This game of “chance” means there is a “possibility of winning” a Dash bot (or Components) early when they are available, however the odds of that are about as good as Mayweather beating McGregor in the Octagon.
  3. Black Market Lottery – Components are regularly earned in the Black Market for game tokens/keys, however these are generally small amounts. Silver and Gold chests have much better payouts while Superchest offers the best chance of earning a powerful Dash bot outright.

To summarize, the best way to get a Dash bot is to play all of these strategies together. That means you need to decide which bot to pursue, then spend Au and WSP acquired on daily offers, open more boxes in the Royale when said bot becomes available and save your keys/game tokens to open more expensive boxes. Keep opening those chests with the free ads to gain components and charge the bar for the Superchest. There is no “quick acquire” here unless you spend cold hard cash.
Side note: The Lunar New Year Event’s grand reward is the Haechi. So if you have time and are willing to put in the hard work, a Haechi could be yours!

FAQ #4 – How do I counter a Shocktrain? They are OP and annoying and killing all my bots!

faqs february
Hands up if this has happened to you. Hat tip/Ahmad Awad

Two words: Physical Shields!

Ok a more in-depth answer… Rhino and Galahad are back! Front-facing Physical Shielding is one way to counter all the new Plasma in the War Robots meta, including not just Shocktrain but Scourge and as always, Zeus. These two bots were previously rendered null due to the influx of new rockets and missiles in the previous meta, however the Plasma revival has seen top-tier pilots switch it up, making them playable again. Lancelot is effective at holding off a few fully-charged blasts as well. If you have a Bulgasari, make sure you point your built-in shield after you shoot. Don’t lose your expensive bot early.

faqs february
Galahad is back! Hat Tip/Arnav Singh

Patience is also a virtue when dealing with Shocktrains… keep behind cover and wait until your enemy fires – then attack. At least with that strategy, you’ll miss the first blast even if the second or third bolt chases you down.

FAQ #5 – What is corner shooting? How does that work?

Corner shooting is an advanced technique that is important to master in War Robots. Basically, corner shooting is just that – peeking your weapon of choice around a wall or barrier and hitting your enemy while maintaining cover from return fire. Below is an example of corner shooting with a Lancelot:

faqs february
Corner Shooting with a Lancelot

In this image above, you can see that the Lancelot is completely shielded from its enemy while still being able to hit its target. A broken shield meant that my bot is able to be damaged by Plasma, therefore the technique can prolong the life of my bot here. Bots that are able to take the best advantage of this technique in addition to Lancelot are the Boa with its medium hardpoint, Golem, Galahad, Haechi, Inquisitor, and Hover.

Clever pilots can remain active long after being damaged using this technique. Another similar “trick” is to stand on the edge of a structure, then backpedal until you are just able to see over the edge. With a tall enough bot, you are able to edge shoot and hit your opponent while remaining immune to return fire.

Well that’s your lot for FAQS February. Hit us up in the comments with any input on this post and with questions for next month’s edition. Cheers!

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