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Expert-level player reviews and takes on the Lunar New Year… and wins!

An Expert-league member of the Tiger Kings Clan takes on the final days of the Lunar New Year in a bid to improve his hangar. Here is his review of the event from start to finish – and tips for the next event – War Robots Anniversary!
lunar new year

The beginning of February saw the Lunar New Year Event take off, coinciding with the launch of the massive 3.6 Update. New Bots, Supply Drops, King of the Hill game mode, Skins, game theme and Royale all took over the forums and Facebook forums, leaving pilots both new and old with many, many options to play with. I’ll break down the event here and as an Expert-League Free-to-Play Player, this was a daunting task to face – no funds to buy the powerful Dash bots and compete at higher tiers, plus the new Spectre or Strider, or the OP weapons, like Shocktrain or Scourge decimating all bots without Physical Shields. In this blog I’ll break down the 3.6 Update quickly and then my strategy for the Lunar New Year and what we can learn going into the next event, the War Robots Anniversary. (Quick notes – I did purchase Premium for the month as I planned on playing a lot. I received tons of Silver but obviously, spent it all on upgrades – Lancelot is now level 12 and three Zeus to upgrade to level 12 from 11 will set me back another 100m Ag. I am playing on Android so I can’t comment on the iPhone X Screen adaptation.

A Quick Review of the 3.6 Update

The New Bots – Strider and Spectre

Two super-powerful bots to add to the already powerful Dash trio of Kumiho, Bulgasari and Haechi. The Strider has 5 Dash Charges, a heavy and two light hardpoints. Spectre features the Inquisitor’s incredible Descend Ability plus four medium hardpoints. Both of these bots are the pinnacles of beacon capping and brawling, respectively.  With them in your lineup – awesome! Without and playing against – terrible! One small positive for a F2P Player is that they are expensive and rare at the Expert league, but a negative is that they scupper any chance of moving up leagues or staying there consistently.

New Weapons – Vortex, Dragoon, Arbalest join Gust, Storm, Scourge, Shocktrain and Redeemer

Redeemer and Dragoon are rare on the battlefield as of yet. They are powerful yet slow weapons (Redeemer is rumored to be getting a buff in the next update). Arbalest is rarely used as it doesn’t offer any type of new advantage over, say, the Gekko, at light hardpoints. Gust is deadly at close range, while Storm will be getting a buff in the next update making it more effective. I have over 20K Storm Components along with two already in my hangar (I sold one for Silver). Vortex is also rare, but the dual Vortex/Aphid layout on Griffin or Rhino seems to be more popular with players who have won them. Scourge and Shocktrain both remain super-powerful Plasma Weapons. Shocktrain is getting a “nerf” in the next update, but not really… just a time delay and more power. I won two Gusts and one Shocktrain and will break them down below.

Supply Drops

Every three hours, pilots will be getting a free bonus Supply Drop. This includes an amount of Silver, Event Tokens and Kumiho Components based on your current league. This doesn’t deter tankers, however, it just adds Kumihos to the meta en masse.

King of the Hill Game Mode

A cool game mode that ruined the game for many… here’s how – The Game Mode screen used to offer choices between two types of beacon capturing modes, Domination or Beacon Rush. Then they moved to those two modes randomly chosen or Team Deathmatch. Now you have both beacon modes with a non-beacon mode or the option of King of the Hill. That means if you have beacon Daily Tasks or Event Tasks focused on beacons… and routinely getting dumped into Team Death Match… what can you do? And what if you get TDM 8 out of 9 games, like I have routinely? This beacons… sorry… becomes a real problem for those who want beacon modes! The developers have to change this as players such as myself have become incredibly annoyed by this setup. And it leads to tankers or players frustrated with the setup to just drop out of TDM altogether and ruining the match for all involved. But King of the Hill is great and a ton of fun to play. Really.


Haechi, Kumiho and Bulgasari all received new skins for the Lunar New Year. If you like dragons, then Khaleesi up your hangar with these new looks.

Kumiho Dragon Wings
Kumiho Dragon Wings
Bulgasari Dragon Scales
Bulgasari Dragon Scales
Haechi Dragon Tail
Haechi Dragon Tail

How I “Won” the Lunar New Year Event!

Ok so now we talked about the Lunar New Year event, here was my plan for success in achieving the most from the game.

  1. Play ALOT, collect all Silver for Upgrades Only
  2. Watch Ads for Silver Chests ONLY! Get those 1,000 Token Chests via battle, free chests rewards and Supply Drops. No opening Bronze or Silver chests until close to Superchest.
  3. Spend Gold ONLY on Royale boxes – open only first few until the price jumps to 20+ Au. Then quit buying and wait for next day. No point wasting Gold on a rigged game
  4. Spend Gold and Workshop Points ONLY on Daily Offers that meet my goal – Haechi, Shocktrain, Inquisitor
  5. No spending Gold on Skins, speeding up upgrades, etc.

So how’d it go? 

I already had a good hangar and made it to the Cobra Carnage challenge. The lack of wins from random games plus the incredible amount of Team Deathmatch games hurt my ability to get beacons. In addition, tankers hurt in most of those. Starting a game -5 in kills made winning nearly impossible. Instead of tanking myself, or dropping out of games, I charged the enemy smartly with all my bots and took whatever I got from those games, as it should be when on a beacon challenge. Just being honest, folks.

In the end, I made lots of Storm Components from random Silver Chests (collected three Storms, sold one, and currently have over 20k in Storage), won two Gust, got my Kumiho, won a Shocktrain and am currently at over 5,600 Haechi Components and 5,800 Scourge Components. The rest are below. I sold the rest of the prizes for Silver. I consider it a win because I upgraded my hangar significantly and am working on upgrading my Stalker/dual Gust at the moment.

As far as the event goes in the Black Market, I opened three 1,000 chests (1,400 Strider Components, 900 Kumiho Components and 2,200 Inquisitor Components). My Superchest at the end brought me a Shocktrain with 10,000 Components leaving me with 6,500 Components for my second one. I didn’t expect much, so I’m stoked I got what I did. It is, however, rather depressing seeing Facebook groups littered with big wins from these chests, whether it be top-tier bots or weapons. On a side note, I started opening 10 and 100 chests when getting close to my Superchest. Rewards below:

lunar new year
As you can tell, the progress bar deliberately slows down when nearing the Superchest

Did I Win the Lunar New Year?

In my opinion, yes. As a free player, there is only so far you can go in such a short period of time. I made serious headway towards these bots: Haechi, Hover, Bulgasari and Inquisitor. Another month and event and I may have 2 or 3. With Kumiho on board and soon (hopefully) 2 Shocktrains, I can move up the leagues. A Stalker Gust at top level can bring down Ancilots when super close. I’ve seen it. So onward and upward, with upgrades and hopefully something good at the end of the Black Market cycle we go. Fingers crossed Pilots!

I know I could have been “luckier” in the Black Market but there is only so much you can control. Let me know what you think in the comment section below!

lunar new year
Stalker with Dual Gust
Lunar New Year
My new Kumiho with Shocktrain and Taran

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  1. Inquisitor WR

    I wish I had your luck. All I get are scrappy amounts of silver components keys and gold. No good bot like Hutch Doc or Jesse. Most importantly Carnage Rhino Cumin Raining etc.

    March 13, 2018 Reply
  2. Inquisitor WR

    Fujin Raijin*

    March 13, 2018 Reply


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