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This bot or that? This weapon or that? The MUST-READ FAQ March: What to Buy Guide has you covered!

We’re back! A long vacation/hiatus has left us with plenty of energy to go hard War Robots-style! First up: The most frequently asked questions on Facebook and Forums are about what bots to buy vs. other bots, weapons vs. other weapons. FAQ May: What to Buy Guide delivers all the answers. Here is part 1, part 2 will drop later this week or next.

This month’s FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) post covers purchasing – which bots to buy vs. their close rivals, and weapons choices. We break down the questions asked on forums, such as “Which Workshop Points’ bot should I take – Raijin or Fujin?”, the difference and effectiveness of the Aphid/Vortex vs. Spiral/Hydra and Pinata/Okran vs. Pin/Tulumbas, the 5,000 Gold question – Lancelot or Fury or Butch, and more!

For last month’s most frequently asked questions, click here to read all about them. And without further ado, let’s get stuck in!

Workshop Points’ 4-Legged Bots – Raijin vs. Fujin

The heavy-class Raijin vs. medium-class Fujin

This is perhaps the most asked question when purchasing bots for Workshop Points – which bot should I purchase, Raijin or Fujin? There are many similarities between the two, so let’s look at the tape:

Cost: Raijin – 15,000 WSP (6,537,480 silver and 28 days’ time using all six WSP slots and no gold); Fujin – 13,000 WSP (5,670,840 Silver and 24 days not spending gold)

Shielding: Raijin – 2 Physical Shields deployed in Bastion Mode; Fujin – 1 Energy Shield deployed in Sentry Mode 

Armaments: Raijin – 2 heavy hardpoints which do 30% more damage in Bastion Mode; Fujin – 3 medium hardpoints

Top Speed: Raijin – 36km/h at level 9; Fujin – 44km/h at level 9

Durability (Health Points) at Level 12: Raijin – 250,000 HP with 150,000 Physical Shield HP (x2); Fujin – 135,000 HP and 134,000 Energy Shield HP  

Upgrading to Level 12: Raijin – Total Ag: 40,546,000 and Total Time: 26 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes and 40 seconds; Fujin – Total Ag: 40,546,000 and Total Time: 26 days, 15 hours, 8 minutes and 53 seconds

We are looking at the Raijin costing more, having more health, two physical shields and is slower. Fujin is cheaper, has less health, one energy shield and is faster. While both bots can climb, Raijin has more climbing ability and deals +30% more damage while in Bastion Mode. 

Which is better? Fujin is 8 km/h faster, while Raijin has significantly more health points. Fujin has a regenerating Energy Shield, Raijin can activate 2 powerful Physical Shields. But the winner is… by common consensus… Fujin. It’s cheaper, sure, but the ability to boast 3 medium hardpoints makes it a much more versatile bot. Triple Hydras and now Triple Vortex, each setup allows pilots to gain an advantageous position and fire away. Orkans and Scourges are two more powerful options for Fujin. And while Fujin is vulnerable to Plasma weapons, positioning and the ability to strike from distance makes it a real powerhouse on the battlefield. Raijin is great for beacon holding, especially when equipped with dual Ember or Thunder… but Fujin takes the crown of the quad-legged bots.

Homing Missile Mayhem! What is the better setup: Spiral and Hydra or Aphid and Vortex?

Swerve and verve – the battle of homing missile combos is here!

The Aphid/Hydra combo on Griffins and Rhinos had a short-lived day in the sun until the mighty Vortex arrived in the Aphid chain. Before we break down the new chain combos, let’s take a quick look at the tape:

Cost: Spiral – 20,000 Ag, Hydra – 5,650 WSP; Aphid – 750 Au, Vortex – 10,000 Components

Range: Spiral/Hydra – 600m; Aphid/Vortex – 350m 

Reload Time: Spiral/Hydra – 12 seconds; Aphid/Vortex – 10 seconds

Damage at Level 12 (Full Clip): Spiral – 7,710, Hydra – 15,720; Aphid – 19,040, Vortex – 28,440

Upgrading to Level 12: Spiral – 31,970,000 Total Ag and 8 days, 14 hours and 35 minutes, Hydra – 48,005,000 Total Ag and 12 days, 21 hours and 23 minutes; Aphid – 38,150,000 Total Ag and 10 days and 5 hours, Vortex – 57,606,000 Total Ag and 23 days and 15 minutes

The Aphid/Vortex combo is expensive. Let’s be honest, 20k Ag for a Spiral is nothing, and Hydra is attainable for 2,453,910 Ag and 11 days’ wait if you don’t use any Au. That, versus 750 Au plus 10,000 Components per Vortex is a massive difference. But value for money aside, Aphid/Vortex is one incredibly powerful setup. If you win, say, 15,000 Vortex Components from a superchest like a clan mate did, then go all out maxing those up and pairing with the Aphids you’ve been saving since you won them in the last event. 

Typically used in a 2/2 setup on a Griffin or Rhino, dual Aphids/Vortex at level 12 deals a mind-blowing (and bot blowing) 94,960 damage points from 350m away. That’s assuming all missiles hit their target, of course. In comparison, from a much further away 600m, Spiral/Hydra duos deal 46,860 damage. That’s about half from about twice as far. Also a 12-second full reload for the Spiral/Hydra vs. the 10 second reload for the Aphid/Vortex also factor in when considering damage per minute.

The obvious choice, if you can afford it, is the Aphid/Vortex combo. Happy hunting, and annoying your enemies, campers!

Battle of the Death Buttons:

Part 1: The Bots

Griffin vs. Rhino

Jump and fire vs. Shields and speed

The ultra-versatile Griffin is the creme-de-la-creme of Silver Bots, while the Rhino is a newly-updated (ish) powerhouse with Assault Mode allowing it to gallop at high speeds with a front-shield to pulverise its foes. Lets check the tape before digging in:

Cost: Rhino – 15,000 WSP (6,537,480 silver and 28 days’ time using all six WSP slots and no gold); Griffin – 1,700,000 Ag

Shielding: Rhino – 1 deployable front shield in Assault Mode; Griffin – None

Armaments: Both Griffin and Rhino have 2 light hardpoints and 2 medium hardpoints; Rhino can only fire its medium hardpoints when Assault Mode is deactivated

Top Speed: Rhino – 30km/h at level 9 (100% Speed Boost with Assault Mode); Griffin – 35km/h at level 9 (Jump improves distance covered)

Durability (Health Points) at Level 12: Rhino – 172,000 HP with 241,000 Physical Shield; Griffin – 158,000 HP

Upgrading to Level 12: Rhino – 54,870,000 Total Ag and 19 days, 23 hours, 51 minutes and 40 seconds; Griffin – 55,000,000 Total Ag and 15 days and 3 hours

The Griffin – cheap, jumps, slightly faster (without ability activated), decent durability. The Rhino – quite expensive (for WSP), sprints like a demon, has a front-mounted shield and has excellent durability. It’s a hard choice, and depends heavily on  your play style. With the influx of new plasma in the game, Rhino is preferred at higher tiers. Griffin, when played intelligently, can jump into combat and waste opponents, or fire and bounce away saving plenty of damage. Rhino is a straight-line sprinter and highly susceptible to any type of rocket or missile attack. Intelligent players can unleash Assault Mode, sprint into a Lancelot/Haechi shield and unload their payload causing quick death.

It’s tight, but we have to go with the ultra-cheap and versatile Griffin. Now… on to Part 2: The Weapons.

Part 2: The Weapons

Pinata/Orkan vs. Pin/Tulumbas

Close-range killers vs. long-range blasters

The Death Button Pinata/Orkan vs. Russian Death Button Pin/Tulumbas setup. More damage vs. more range. More expensive vs. much, much cheaper. Sound familiar? Well, we bet no one broke it down like this yet… here are the full costs, upgrade times and damage output for both sets (2+2):

Purchase Costs: Pinata: 290,000 Ag; Orkan: 1,200 Au; Pin: 290,000 Ag; Tulumbas: 425,000 Ag

Cost, Upgrade Time to Level 12 & Damage at Level 12:

Pinata – 31,700,00 Ag & 8 days, 9 hours & 24,820 damage

Orkan – 56,220,000 Ag & 15 days, 1 hour & 71,820 damage

Pin –31,700,000 Ag & 8 days, 9 hours & 11,040 damage

Tulumbas – 47,600,000 Ag & 12 days, 13 hours & 20,880 damage

Death Button Setup (2 Pinata/2 Orkan) Full Costs/Upgrades: 

Purchase Spend + Upgrade Cost: 2,400 Ag + 176,420,000 Au

Upgrade Time to Level 12: 46 days, 20 hours

Damage Output at Level 12: 193,280 damage

Russian Death Button Setup (2 Pin/2 Tulumbas) Full Costs/Upgrades:

Purchase Spend + Upgrade Cost: 160,030,000 Ag

Upgrade Time to Level 12: 41 days, 20 hours

Damage Output at Level 12: 63,840 damage

So… the Death Button Pinata/Orkan setup does a 300m close range whopping 193,280 worth of damage… but costs 2,400 Au PLUS 176,420,000 Au. And it takes 5 days longer to upgrade. The Russian Death Button Pin/Tulumbas setup can shell out 63,940 damage at a longer 500m range and costs 16,000,000 Ag less TOTAL plus no need to spend any Au (unless you want to use it on speeding up the upgrade time.

The verdict is in: At close-range for splash damage rocket damage, go for the Death Button. If you’re cheap or new to the game, rock out with the Russian Death Button setup. And if you figure out how to keep your enemies out of range at lower leagues, you can effectively beat regular setups with long-distance rocket damage.

Winner: Death Button Griffin

The Best 5,000 Au Bot – Lancelot vs. Fury vs. Butch


The argument on the trio of 5,000 Au bots has begun! Before, the forums were flush with “Fury or Lancelot” questions… well with the arrival of the 3.8 Update, Butch has been listed at 5,000 Au sparking a whole new debate – Lancelot or the sniper abilities of Butch/Fury. Basically, this boils down to whether you want a close-quarters brawler or a sniper.

Lancelot can rush its enemies with a speed boost and equipped with an Ancilot added to its triple front-mounted Physical Shields, is a tough bot to take down. Two medium hardpoints can do damage with Tarans, Orkans, Scourges and, at a close range, Storms.

If you’re in the mood for a sniper, then we can simply break it down this way – for long-range devastation in two blasts, load up four Trebuchets on a Butch and Quick Draw hard. Long reloads are tough to deal with, however. For a one-shot hitter, Fury with Triple Zeus and Dragoon are deadly. Trebuchets are difficult due to their reload times on Fury, while Tridents are very effective against unshielded bots up to the medium-top tiers. It sounds a bit too simplistic, we know, but the long reload time of Butch makes Trebuchet the most viable option at the moment.

The winner? Brawl for Lancelot, Snipe with Fury and if you win Butch in a chest, throw on some Trebuchets and have a blast. Get it? And use that gold to upgrade that glass-chinned sharpshooter.

The Medium-Plasma Throwdown: Taran vs. Scourge vs. Ion vs. Shocktrain


Medium-class weaponry is all the rage in the current meta. All the Dash Bots run medium-class only weaponry (save Strider), the two giveaway Supply Drop bots run mediums in pairs (Inquisitor and Kumiho), and plenty of other lower-tier bots all run mediums in abundance (Lancelot, etc.) So what to pick, save for, spend on? (Ed. Note: Storm is a shotgun, not plasma).

First up is price: a Taran runs a measly 5,650 WSP compared to the 10,000 Components for the rest of these weapons. So if you’re saving for another weapon class, bot, etc. then go for the powerful and very serviceable Taran. The former kings of the meta at one point ruled the game, and with 81,920 damage (lvl 12)  delivered from a full clip, they still perform at the highest of tiers. That being said, it is hard to lock on to a rushing enemy Dash bot or break through a Lancelot’s shields and… well, with a range of 350m, compete at distance with comparable weaponry. In comes Scourge.

Scourge has a maximum range of 600m but to be truly effective, it needs to be within 200-300m. When in this range, Scourge locks on to an enemy and can deliver 504,000 damage over 10 seconds. The latest buff has made this weapon absolutely devastating. When used in pairs, trios or quads on Spectre – watch out and run for cover! Only paying players can run 3 or 4, save the lucky random enemy red. Again, 10,000 Components and this expensive weapon is truly worth it. Speaking of lock on weaponry, up next is Ion.

Based on the original lock-on weapon Zeus, the medium-class Ion cranks out 12,650 at lvl 12 and is best used in conjunction with Zeus or Dragoon. Not especially powerful but is a great support weapon if you are running some. Speaking of running, you’ll need to for Shocktrain.

Considered the premier mid-range weapon at the moment thanks to its snake-like damage output, Shocktrain delivers 15,500 damage at lvl 12 with each blast. The beam of energy damage then progresses from enemy to enemy all within range of the initial target. Paired with 1, 2, or 3, Shocktrains can damage entire enemy stables when used properly. It costs 48,005,000 total Ag to upgrade this bad boy, and 12 days, 21 hours and 23 minutes. Pretty quick for a Component-level weapon.

The Winner: Shocktrain for chain damage, Scourge for raw power and Taran for lower-tiered or cheaper players.

Alright boys, that’s your lot for this week: FAQ MAY: WHAT TO BUY GUIDE. We’ll be back soon with some more matchups and buying info, so for sure send some messages and leave some comments below letting us know what you’d like us to break down.



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