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Everything you need to know about the ever-changing Battle Rewards

The War Robots Guide Team has put together a guide to Battle Rewards to help you maximize your gameplay performance.

Battle Rewards
8 Crate Levels based upon the tier system. The Master-tier Crate is seen here.

Battle Rewards have been tweaked since their implementation over the course of the past few updates. We will be covering the latest version of this – Update 3.9 – for the time being and this page will be adjusted accordingly as each new update rolls out from Pixonic. OK – So Battle Rewards – Battle Rewards are accessible by collecting Honor Points. Honor Points are earned during battle.  Basically, perform well in battle, collect Honor Points, use those Honor Points to open Crates which are your “Battle Rewards.” Get cool stuff. Boom.

Check out the image & breakdown of the rewards earned below:

Battle Rewards

Honor Points are earned upon the completion of each match:

  • 2 points for every completed battle
  • 1 point for winning the battle
  • 1 point if you played in a squad
  • 1 point if your damage was in the top 3 for your team
  • 0-3 points for beacons captured (Domination, Beacon Rush)
  • 0-3 points for beacon points (King of The Hill)
  • 0-3 points for robots destroyed (Team Deathmatch)

As you can see in the image above, a certain number of Honor Points opens a crate with lots of goodies – currencies such as Royale Tokens & Silver (Ag), plus Components for new content (Spark, Falcon, Exodus and the mighty Bulwark). In July, Components for Mender, Weyland, Chimera & Avenger will replace the former four in the 4.0 Update.

The Graph below breaks down all the goods you can acquire in each tiered chest.

battle rewards

Well, that’s your lot for Battle Rewards in the 3.9 Update. Lots of Silver, Tokens, Components, etc. What would you like to see in the next round of rewards? Leave us a note in the comments!


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