There are plenty of currencies up for grabs in the World Robots Universe

Purchasing bots and weapons can become a bit complicated with so many currencies to choose from. Here is your War Robots Guide for a breakdown.


Veterans of War Robots remember the days of only Silver and Gold and then the introduction of the Workshop Points System. Influence Points for the Wild Bunch bots (Jesse, Doc and Butch) became a somewhat controversial addition to the game due to its earning only via the inviting of your Facebook friends to the game. The entrance of the Components system to the meta has received an enormous amount of consternation and disagreement amongst the Free-to-Play crowd and the Pay-to-Play aka Wallet Warriors group. This has been somewhat dialed down due to the entrance of the Supply Drops (tier-based free rewards given every three hours), increased Game Tokens for War Robots Royale and Keys for opening chests in the Black Market, everyone’s favorite “highly dialed-in” daily game.

But here we are, and here is the War Robots Guide Team’s Currencies Guide. We will quickly break down earnings, tell you what you can purchase via said currencies and more. The first half of this guide is directed towards newer players, the latter the crafty vets. It is however a good review of all the game systems so without further ado, here’s the Currencies Guide to War Robots. Enjoy!

NOTE: Pixonic is changing some of these dynamics in 2018. Read all about it on their website

war robots post battle screen

The most basic way to earn currency is by playing the game. Winners are ranked by Damage Dealt in Domination, Beacon Rush and Team Deathmatch Modes. King of the Hill Battle Mode ranks players by how many points they accumulated holding beacons. The higher the rankings – the higher the earnings – and the higher the medals. Most Beacons wins you 5 Gold on the winning team, damage comes in threes on the Medals 1st, 2nd and 3rd Class. You can find out more by clicking on “Rewards” in the image above. As you can see, the top player on the winning team also had the most beacons, so he received 10 Gold at 5 per. Game tokens are given by 5-2 for winners and 4-1 for losers, and they receive no Gold. The amount of silver earned is proportional to damage dealt subtracted by bot damage sustained during the fight. You can increase this by winning 6-12 hours of Premium (increased EXP and Silver) in the Royale or through purchasing with real money. Each battle also gives you the option to view an Ad for a free 10-Token Bronze Chest in the Black Market.

Rewards in the Black Market include various amounts of Silver, Gold, Game Tokens and Components. You cannot earn WSP via the Black Market. The amount of rewards you receive increase on the type of chest you open – Bronze, Silver, Gold – costing 10, 100 or 1,000 respectively. Superchests are earned via filling up your bar by opening chests.

Black Market Chests

Silver (Ag)


Silver (Ag) is the baseline currency in War Robots. Silver can be used for upgrading already-owned bots and weapons, purchasing new basic equipment and Workshop Points. Silver can also be accumulated by selling weapons or bots, including those recently won in events like Royale or Black Market that you may not have use for. Silver is spent quickly on upgrades, especially on higher levels, so you can never have too much!

Silver is most commonly acquired via battle and playing games. Number of beacons captured, robots destroyed, damage dealt and damage accrued all factor in to your final haul. Premium increases the amount of silver won drastically. It can also be won in the Black Market and Royale. You can also purchase Ag with Au. Conversion table below:

Au Ag
250 500,000
650 1,500,000
2,000 5,000,000
5,600 15,000,000
18,500 50,000,000

Weapons Purchasable for Silver: ECU (Shield)Kang Dae, Molot, Molot T, Nashorn, Noricum, Pin, Pinata, Punisher, Punisher T, Spiral, Thunder, Tulumbas, Zeus

Robots Purchasable for Silver: Boa, Cossack, DestrierGl. Patton, GolemGriffin, Leo, Natasha, Schutze, Vityaz

Gold (Au)


Gold (Ag) used to be the most difficult of currencies to acquire. Now it plays secondary to the Components system. Gold is now used to purchase medium- to top-tier bots, such as Lancelot and Fury, and powerful weapons such as Aphid and Orkan. The important Ancile Shield can also be acquired for Gold. Two of the most important setups, for example run heavy on Gold – the Fury Zeus (9,500 Au total) and Ancilot Orkan (8,900 Au total). It is also used for speeding up upgrades, new Paint Jobs (Skins) and Hangar Decks. Daily Offers for Components also run on Gold for the best discounts as does the Royale to purchase new rewards (again, the Royale is heavily dialed-in).

Gold can be acquired during battle (finishing in the top four spots on a winning team), via Daily Task (30 or 40 Au Challenges), Royale and Black Market. Moving up in leagues nets additional Gold, as does the first three squad battles of the day. You can also purchase Au with real money.

Weapons Purchasable for Gold: Ancile (Shield)Aphid, Gekko, Orkan

Robots Purchasable for Gold: FuryGalahad, Gareth, Gepard, LancelotRogatka

Workshop Points (WSP)


Workshop Points, since their inception, had been a very important currency for acquiring high-level equipment. The Trident, during its run, was the premier long-range gun, while Magnum and Taran ruled their respective light and medium classes. Carnage, Stalker and Raijin where all powerful bots in the game. In the current meta, especially after the 3.6 update, these bots and guns have been superseded by the Components equipment, however Hydra on Fujin and the Rhino and Trebuchet have all maintained staying power. Experienced pilots can still make use of this weaponry, however most pilots are now acquiring WSP to purchase Daily Offers which correspond to the Components’ gear they are looking to buy.

WSP are produced in the Workshop. Workshops can be upgraded during the leveling up process, and each slot costs 40,000 Ag and takes 4  hours to produce 85 WSP. That equals out to 510 WSP every 24 hours with 6 total slots available. You can purchase WSP with Gold as well.  Once you hit level 15, you can purchase with Ag and Au a total of 5,120 WSP per day. That includes two Daily Tasks for 150 WSP each and the daily 40 WSP free. Below is a chart of purchasable WSP with Gold (Au).

5 60
8 80
12 110
19 150
29 200
45 250
70 320
110 410
170 520
260 610
400 720
620 840

Weapons Purchasable for Workshop Points: Hydra, Magnum, TaranTrebuchet, Trident

Robots Purchasable for Workshop Points: Carnage, Fujin, Raijin, Rhino, Stalker

Influence Points (IP)


Influence Points were designed specifically for the Wild Bunch. Jesse, Doc and Butch can all be acquired for Influence Points, however that’s the extent. Most pilots running these bots have won them in the Black Market or have purchased them via the Daily Offers or Royale. The developers have mentioned buffing these units but until then, they remain powerful bots with glass chins.

IP are earned via inviting friends to play War Robots on Facebook, and having them reach a certain minimum level. You can also exchange Au for IP.

Weapons Purchasable for Influence Points: none

Robots Purchasable for Influence Points: Butch, Doc, Jesse

Components (Comps)


Components are quite simple currencies – 10,000 Components buys you any of the bots or weapons listed below. Components are Pixonic’s newest system of purchasing the latest, most powerful and effective equipment in the game, making them considerably more valuable than any of the previous currencies listed above. These can be earned during battle, through the War Robots Royale or the Black Market. They can also be acquired through in-game purchases in the daily offers for real money, Gold, Workshop Points or via Supply Drop.

Supply Drop1 Supply Drop1 Supply Drop1

Supply Drop values increase depending on your current league. Lower leagues receive a few Black Market keys, Silver and Components for a new bot. Supply Drops were released for the 3.6 Lunar New Year update and components delivered were for the Kumiho. Moving on from the Supply Drops, what’s important to note is that not all components are equal in value. For example, the ability to earn components through opening chests and the Royale are based on which item you are earning for. Weapons are generally cheaper and can be acquired in bulk vs. high-level bots in which only a few can be acquired at once. Components can not mix, therefore you cannot exchange, say, 1,000 Haechi Components for 1,000 Bulgasari Components.

Check your Storage in the Chests Menu to see how much you’ve accumulated
Daily Offer
Daily Offers for Components, available for cold hard cash, WSP or Au

Weapons Purchasable for Components: Arbalest, DragoonEmber, Gust, Scourge, ShocktrainStorm, Redeemer, Tempest, Vortex

Robots Purchasable for Components: Bulgasari, Haechi, Hover, Inquisitor, Kumiho, Spectre, Strider

Game Tokens


Game Tokens are the latest currency in War Robots. Used only for the War Robots Royale daily mini game in order to purchase the latest gear and robots, the offers change daily. These tokens are accumulated through the Black Market (opening boxes with larger amounts of keys means winning larger amounts of tokens) and Battle Rewards, with each tier gaining higher amounts of tokens. This is a pretty straightforward system, however it is basically gambling your hard-earned tokens for the chance to win big Components for expesnive gear. Skyhook Gaming has made a quick video of the gaming system and tiered progression. On a side note, the more expensive the gear, the more tokens it will cost to open more boxes. For example, the first box is free, then the next will be between 300 tokens for cheap gear and upwards of 2,000 for more expensive gear.



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