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Choose from 4 Game Modes of mayhem in War Robots 

There are 4 ways to do battle in War Robots… which Game Mode is your favorite? Tell us in the comments below!

There are currently 4 games modes available for play in War Robots: Domination (Classic Mode), Beacon Rush, Team Deathmatch and King of the Hill. In the latest 3.6 update, King of the Hill and Custom Game have made their debuts. Much to the chagrin of those who wish to choose separately between beacon-oriented game modes (such as Domination and Beacon Rush) and the non-beacon mode (Team Deathmatch), unfortunately these have been lumped together. This ought to change once the Lunar New Year event is over, so we will update as we go. So far, the War Robots Guide Team will break down each game type and what is required to perform well individually and win the match altogether.


Domination is the classic game mode, the original battle setup in War Robots. Domination consists of capturing as many beacons as possible and holding them as long as possible, while your team victory bar gains and your enemies depletes. The more beacons you hold for longer, the quicker our enemies’ team bar drains when you have an advantage. This mode has its pros and cons, for example, as individual players will opt to damage their opponents vs. capturing beacons for more of a Silver reward. The quintessential player vs. team success problem.

In it s heyday, Lancelot pilots would dominate the battleground as they would look to take advantage of and destroy the weaker, quicker bots looking to take beacons. Especially in large maps such as Canyon, Springfield and Yamantau, the individual players would opt to snipe and brawl their way to maximum damage vs. risking death and capturing the center beacons. This led to even veteran players opting for a quick Silver grab to leave games altogether on maps they didn’t find favorable to their setups, leaving their teams high and dry. Beacon Rush was created to alleviate some of these issues. In Domination Mode, players always spawn in their home locations.

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It’s a bloodbath on Beacon Rush! Respawn quickly to the center to hold it, or to Home or “D” to liberate “E”

Beacon Rush

Beacon Rush is similar to Domination Mode in the sense that winning scenarios are the same – capture and hold as many beacons as possible. The biggest difference is that upon losing a bot in battle, you can respawn at any of your team’s captured beacons. The main benefit of this was that on larger maps, players with powerful-yet-slower bots such as Lancelot, could spawn right in the thick of battle to repel enemy advances. This was especially useful on the three large maps listed above. It also led to very brawly battles and knife-fighting scenarios in the heart of some of the biggest and smallest maps in the game.

Team Deathmatch

Kill everything and don’t die. This is the crux of Team Deathmatch battle. When playing this mode, score is calculated by the number of enemy bots destroyed vs. destroyed bots from your own team. This leads to long, drawn out encounters were snipers hang back all game and produce cover/counter fire to enemies while knife fighters close in on their opponents maneuvering from cover to cover. Added cover on each map produces more chances to miss enemy fire while making your way through the map. Respawn takes place at one of three “home” drop points.

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“New” Game Modes – Free-for-All & Skirmish

Free For All

Every man/woman/pilot for themself! Slay 5 other combatants in a 6-person battle to the death! Damage + Kills leads to more coins, which allow you to resurrect destroyed bots. Kill to stay alive and winner has the most slays at the end. Perfect mode for those constantly let down by random teammates, great way to harvest the much-needed Silver (Ag) Currency. Basically Team Deathmatch but individual. Not much more to it than that!

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A taste of the outlandish Skirmish deck


An unranked battle mode which appears from time-to-time for several days. Try out new equipment & bots and fun, outlandish setups. The latest version of Skirmish featured GL Patton quad Trebuchet, a Stalker with dual Redeemer & a Triple Ember Galahad. Wha wha what!?!??!? A great mode to amass Silver but you won’t be climbing the rankings here. Game Types include Beacon Rush, Domination, King of the Hill.

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King of the Hill

Another newer game mode and set up perfectly for the new Dash bots, King of the Hill requires clever thinking and fast movement. The object of this game is to advance to the highlighted beacon and holding it until its charge runs out… then sprinting to the next activated beacon. Winning teams read ahead when they will need to be at the next beacon and jockey for position before the timer begins. Teamwork is essential in this game mode, making it a favorite amongst players. Unfortunately, the lack of a Dash bot in this mode is a significant disadvantage and you will find yourself wanting in terms of movement. Tactics is king in King of the Hill.

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Extra barriers are added for additional shielding when holding the home beacon
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We are holding center beacon, while enemy Reds and friendlies line up a run on the next beacon

Custom Game

Another new and long-awaited addition to War Robots is the Custom Game Mode. This game mode allows pilots to choose their map, game mode, number of players on each team and even invite their own Clan Mates and Opposing Clan Mates… or do an intra-clan battle! Self-explanatory, this is popular among all the game modes for its ability to test yourself and your friends on the battlefield.

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Pick your poison

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