Special Abilities War Robots


Many bots on the War Robots’ Roster feature incredibly-effective Special Abilities

From quick sprints to powerful shields, Special Abilities can decide the outcome of many confrontations in War Robots.

war robots special abilities

Looking for a strategic advantage on the battlefield? Bots with special abilities have been lauded and criticized for either being too powerful or not powerful enough, having a too-long or too-short cooldown time, etc. What we do know, however, is that these features greatly impact our game and that pilots generally love using them and loathe facing them. The War Robots Guide Team will break down each ability currently available in the current game and what bots carry their respective abilities. Note: These abilities are activated by pressing the “Ability Button” above the firing pad (see image below). Built-in shielding, such as Energy Shields or Physical Shields, are not considered “Special Abilities.”

special abilities
Something you don’t see every day – three Hydra Fujins with a Bulgasari trips Orkan watching on the Moon
Special Abilities War Robots
Assault Mode

Featured on: Rhino

Rush & Phalanx Modes Combo – While in assault mode, Rhino gains protection from built-in shields and loses ability to turn and fire medium weapons. In exchange, its speed is increased by 100% allowing it to break through enemy lines and force enemies into close combat. The Rhino’s Assault Mode takes two seconds to activate/deactivate. The shield is quite durable.

Special Abilities War Robots
Bastion Mode

Featured on: Raijin

Stationary Turret Mode – Upon activating the Bastion ability, Raijin elevates his tower, gaining strategic advantage as well as protection from its built-in shields. While in this mode, Raijin is unable to move but is still able to turn around and fire. It requires a 4-second cooldown between activation. While in Bastion Mode, weapons receive a 33% increase in power equaling more damage towards your enemies.

Special Abilities War Robots

Featured on: Bulgasari, Haechi, Kumiho & Strider

The ultimate sprint ability – make a quick leap in a chosen direction consuming one ability charge. Each Dash Charge can be used to travel roughly 70 meters. Cooldown times differ per bot. Click on each bot above for more details.

Special Abilities War Robots

Featured on: Inquisitor & Spectre

Jump & Stealth Combination – Inquisitor or Spectre activates stealth, preventing enemies from being able to lock on and launches into the air. Stealth remains activated for 5 more seconds after the landing. A 20-second cooldown is required between Descend operations.

Fangs Out

Featured on: Falcon

In passive mode defense system is enabled which decreases all incoming damage by 66%, but only heavy slot is active. With the ability activated Falcon can jump and use all the three weapon slots, but defense system is disabled. Attack mode lasts for 12 seconds.

Special Abilities War Robots

Featured on: Hover

Fly for a period of time – the robot launches into the air and hovers for a time. To use this ability, hold the ability key down for as long as you wish to fly. Glide uses fuel, which recharges over time. You can make the robot jump when on the ground, but while in the air, you can only control its flight. The robot’s unique design allows you to control it during freefall. In addition, Glide is unbreakable, giving it a distinct advantage over the Jump ability. It requires a 7-second cooldown period upon landing before pilots can take to the sky again.


Featured on: Mercury

Robot activates stealth and then jumps. He can interrupt flight at any time and dash towards the ground, dealing damage to all enemies around the landing point. Stealth is active during flight and 3 seconds after landing.


Featured on: Pursuer

Pursuer activates stealth mode, making it impossible to lock on to. It also gets +33% move speed.

Special Abilities War Robots

Featured on: Cossack, Rogatka & Griffin

Jump in any direction – this ability allows the robot to jump and reduce distance to the target, dodge enemy fire and take higher sniping posts to deal fire from above; Jump allows pilots to move quicker around the map. Each bot has its own Jump height and length, along with cooldown period. Click on the bot above to see their stats. The Jump Drive can break as a bot nears the end of its health.


Featured on: Hellburner

Overloads the reactor and gain additional speed for 7 seconds, exploding afterwards and losing a fixed amount of durability. Explosion deals damage across a 50-meter area. If the bot is destroyed, it explodes, dealing damage across an even larger area.

Special Abilities War Robots
Phalanx Mode

Featured on: Gareth & Galahad

Raise your shield and slow down – when using Phalanx Mode ability, robot moves the shield from the side to the front (or vice versa, depending on its initial position). While robot is shielded from frontal attacks, its movement speed is lowered (-20%). Physical Shields can be destroyed if they reach their damage mark from Plasma/Energy Weapons.


Featured on: Bulwark

AEGIS Special Energy Shield impenetrable against any weapon type; Switch between Aegis/Physical Shields

Special Abilities War Robots
Quick Draw

Featured on: Jesse, Doc & Butch

Fire & Holster, Repeat – Quick Draw ability, holstering robot’s current active weapons and drawing the holstered ones in their stead, just like the gunslingers of old. Quick Draw can be used to effectively combine 4 identical weapons into a deadly burst or to switch burst weapons for sustained fire weapons after unloading them onto the enemy. Quick Draw requires respective 10-14-20 second cooldowns between switching weapons.


Featured on: Weyland

Robot enters stationary mode and begins to gradually repair itself and all allies in range of the ability. Repair is active until robot is switched to a normal mode.

Special Abilities War Robots

Featured on: Carnage & Lancelot

Turn on the Speed Jets for a short period of time – temporarily increases robot moving speed allowing it to reach a position rapidly, break enemy lines or leave the firing area. The Rush Ability increases a unit’s speed by 66% for 10 seconds. A lengthy 20-second cooldown is required after using the ability.

Special Abilities War Robots
Sentry Mode

Featured on: Fujin

Energy Shield Up and unleash a volley – upon activating the Sentry ability, Fujin elevates his tower, gaining strategic advantage as well as protection from his built-in energy shield. While in this mode, Fujin is unable to move but is still able to turn around and fire. Sentry Mode requires a 2-second cooldown in order to redeploy. Its Energy Shield can replenish quicker than Ancile Shields.

Special Abilities War Robots
Stealth Mode

Featured on: Stalker

Disappear from enemy radars – Stealth ability allows the robot to disappear from enemy radars making it almost invisible for a short amount of time. The Stealth Mode allows the Stalker to disappear from enemy radar for 8 seconds. It requires a 16-second cooldown.


Featured on: Mender

Robot Gets a short-term speed boost, temporary resistance to all types of damage and repairs itself and all allies in range of the ability with three pulses. Ability lasts for 7 seconds.



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