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With so many bots and so many weapons, we help you choose the best bot setups

Different bot setups work better at different league levels (and budgets). We are breaking these recommendations down by levels.

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bot setups

There are thousands of possible robots and weapons combinations in War Robots. Which weapons go together in terms of clip size/effective distance/reload time? Which bot setups are best for certain types of battle? The Bot Setup Guide will fill you in on all you need to know and as play style generally dictates which bot will be most useful to each individual player, best practice for using this guide will be tailoring your hanger to what you find most relevant. For example, close-quarter brawler pilots with patience will fall in love with bot setups like the Death Button Griffin or Rhino, while beacon-capping players who love to run full go will prefer bot setups like the Stalker Ninja, Gareth combos or Dash Bots. This also depends on your experience level and budget (paid or unpaid), so lucky pilots who win serious components or those that splash the cash with real money will find Dash Bots with triple Shocktrains the most useful vs. a free-to-play player who runs Thunder Carnage or Lancelot at high levels. So with all that being said and without further ado, lets get stuck in to the War Robots Guide to Bot Setups.

LATEST UPDATE – 4.0 Update: Includes Support Bots Mender & Weyland

Dash Bots – Bulgasari, Haechi and Kumiho

The triple Shocktrain Bulgasari or Haechi are the top dogs of War Robots in the current meta. Shocktrain, an energy weapon that ignores Ancile and Energy Shields, has the ability to deal devastating power to its initial target and then branching its beam to hit up to two other enemies in the same area. Pilots love to use this weapon and loathe to have it used against them. Combine that sheer power, multiply it by three, couple that with the superior health of Dash Bots plus their Dash abilities, and you have a recipe for battlefield domination. And this doesn’t even take into account the Bulgasari’s built-in Physical Shield or Haechi’s built-in Energy Shield. Yikes. These are some of the most-powerful bot setups in the War Robots meta.


As mentioned previously, triple Shocktrains is the optimum build. This bot is deadly when loaded with triple Orkans at close range (sub-300m) or with triple Tarans (sub-350m). This is a brawling Bulgasari that can defend itself by turning its shield towards incoming fire, then Dash into cover while reloading… until it Dashes out and fires another volley. Bulgasari comes stock with triple Tulumbas which is also a powerful built. Triple Scourge is nothing to scoff at either.


Again, triple Shocktrains. Yeesh. More or less the same setups as the Bulgasari listed above are effective here, yet instead of defending with a Physical Shield, Haechi boasts an Energy Shield. Dash into cover for incoming missiles or rockets, then when they reload, finish them off by Dashing back in and unleashing hell. Okrans seems to be the most popular setup at the moment.


We’ll throw Kumiho in this section as well. Even though it has two hardpoints vs. the former two’s three, and no shielding to speak of, double Dashes with a fast Ability recharge time make the Kumiho almost as dangerous in the field. A great beacon capper, Kumiho plays no games with equipped with dual Shocktrains or Orkans. This is the ultimate hit-and-run bot in the current Meta. Thanks to the former “Supply Drop” feature, Kumiho components are now coming thick and fast for all players. Within a month or two, these little monsters will be everywhere. Scourge has become a popular setup as well, and dual Storm is nothing to scoff at.


5 Dash Charges. 1 Heavy Hardpoint, 2 Light Hardpoints. Speed for days. The Strider is most certainly that, the ultimate speedster and Beacon Capper who can more than hold its down during mid-range combat. An Ember/twin Pin/Pinata combo is a serious threat to even the top bots, as is a Thunder/Storm combination. Such a versatile bot, an Ancile can be added for even more protection. We’ve heard some good things about adding dual Spark on Strider as well due to its lock-on function.

Top-Tier Brawlers/Snipers Bot Setups

The Top-Tier Brawlers/Snipers Bot Setups section will dive into the best units in the game at the moment. With the release of Hellburner, Mercury and Pursuer in the 3.7 update, and Spectre and Strider in the 3.6 update, the new Meta will need to settle down a bit before all is said and done in this section. The 3.9 update has seen the Falcon and Bulwark join the bunch as top tier performers. A quad-Shocktrain Spectre will no doubt dominate the field. As for the Inquisitor and Strider, they will be the other top two bots in the game save the Dash trio. Lancelot and Fury still remain tops of the rest, but their continued effectiveness will have to be monitored going forward other than in situational uses. Hellburner, Mercury and Pursuer are all unique with their own special abilities, and with firepower/durability/speed all top notch, they should impact the game greatly as well. We will start with these three and move on down the list:


The mighty Bulwark… the ultimate mobile tank is extremely expensive both to purchase and to upgrade. And don’t mention the upgrade times! But for those with deep pockets or the ultimate luck in Superchests/Gold Chests, the Bulwark is a beast.  Toss on twin Embers, Redeemers, Exodus, Thermite, Carnage, basically any heavy weapon that deals damage in the short-to-medium ranges. With the all-new Aegis shield that blocks all incoming fire, plus a powerful Physical Shield, pilots will loathe and love this brand-new painbringer. Avenger also reeks havoc on this mobile tank.


A front facing physical shield that negates 66% of all incoming fire. Add a heavy hardpoint and you’re in business. Then switch it up to activate twin medium hardpoints and a Jump Ability. Business is booming! Several options are available for Falcons in terms of equipment. Go for the Plasma Death Button, with Redeemer and Tarans/Scourges. Toss an Ember on there if you got one. Then go fro a Death Button guise with the new Exodus and twin Orkans. This versatile fighter can even run a Thermite/Vortex setup for leaping death.


The new ability Overload allows the already-pacy Hellburner to turn on the jets, sprint forward for 7 seconds and blow itself up, dealing damage both to himself and bots within a 50m range. That means a close-range combat specialist. 1 Heavy Hardpoint and 1 Light Hardpoint will dictate a Thunder/Ember/Dragoon/Redeemer matched with a Gust or Pinata. You could try a Magnum on for size, but in the close distances you’ll be fighting in a Gust is preferred.


Helldive is a new ability that allows pilots to leap in stealth mode towards your target, then Dash in and injure all surrounding enemies upon impact. Like the Hellburner, 1 heavy hardpoint is attached plus an extra light hardpoint for 2 total. As this is also going to be a close-range fighter, the usual Thunder/Ember/Dragoon/Redeemer paired with dual Gust/Magnum/Pinata should annihilate any targets in your path.


Hunt your opponents relentlessly in a Pursuer. The Hunt Ability is a 10-second long speed-boosted stealth mode allowing pilots to chase down or ambush enemy Reds. Three light hardpoints give this little monster versatility, with options including triple Magnums, Gusts, Pinatas or Aphids.


Four medium hardpoints. Lord have mercy. The Spectre can Descend upon its opponents with its Stealth Jump ability and rain absolute carnage on any and everything in its path. Though it lacks durability, pilots won’t worry when they can load quad Orkans/Tarans and obliterate anything in its path at close range. Quad Shocktrains is the most powerful setup in the game in the current meta. What a terror, it’s almost not fair. Well, at least not for the Spectre pilot!


Emberquisitor – An Ember coupled with dual Tarans or Orkans. With the Descend Stealth/Jump Ability, this bad boy when piloted correctly is almost without peer on the battlefield. With one hardpoint and two medium hardpoints, this is essentially a Lancelot mated with the Stalker and Griffin. Add an Ember and Tarans/Orkans and it’s game over for your enemies. Just make sure to grab cover once your Ability deactivates.

Thunderstorm/Okran/Taran Inquisitor – One Thunder and two storms is one powerful Thunderstorm at close quarters. Ambush or destroy Ancile/Energy Shields with this setup. Orkans and Tarans also do the trick when jumping into battle.


Ancilot – Lancelot with an Ancile mounted on the heavy hardpoint and generally paired with twin Tarans or Orkans. With the 3.4 update, twin Scourge or Shocktrains have been rolling out as of late. The benefit to the Ancilot which, at one point, was the premier Champions’ League bot of choice, means that the triple front-mounted physical shields negated most incoming plasma damage while a sufficiently-upgraded Ancile protected this bot from missiles and rockets plus other misc. projectiles. Still a force in the medium-advanced game,  the Ancilot lacks pace even with its Rush ability activated. It’s only weakness is from the rear from plasma weapons and of course by the Ember, which ignores both Physical and Ancile Shields.

Brawlalot – Lancelot with Ember/Redeemer with dual Tarans/Orkans. Also seen with the less powerful Thunder, this is a monster at close range and is great for beacon protection in King of the Hill or Beacon Rush. This is a close-quarter brawler with immense firepower and the ability to survive powerful volleys from enemies. Able to shoot around corners due to its wide weapons slots, the Brawlalot Lancelot is still an excellent option for those who find collecting gold a much easier route to acquiring bots than components.

Thunderstorm Lancelot – Pair a pair of Storms with a Thunder and the ultimate shotgun is born. Heavy damage at close quarters… that’s a powerful punch.

Gunsalot – Lancelot with Tempest and dual Molot T and sometimes Avenger and dual Punisher T. An effective setup for suppressing enemies and enemy fire, high health and shields keep it alive for longer on maps such as Yamantau and Canyon.


Fury Long-Range Sniper Trebuchet – Hit your enemies with ultimate damage from up to 1,100m away. A long reload time negates superior damage per minute, but a powerful blast at full charge can knock out bots with Ancile or Energy Shields. Damage held up by Physical Shielding until they break.

Fury Zeus – From 600m away, three Zeus can shred an unshielded bot thanks to its high damage and lock-on targeting. Ignores Ancile and Energy Shields. Damages Physical Shields greatly. Small- to medium-range sniper option.

Fury Avenger/Tempest – Suppress fire with a triple Avenger (mid-short range) or Tempest (long-range) barrages. Drains Ancile and Energy Shields quickly, has a high rate of fire that forces enemies into hiding.

Fire and Fury – Ember/Thunder equipped Furys can destroy enemies quickly at close range. Great for beacon defending or tight combat. Triple Ember Fury ignores all shielding and melts away enemies quickly and quietly.

Fury Tridents – The previous top-tier sniper, the emergence of Ancile and Energy Shields has greatly reduced its role in the current meta. Still useful at low-mid tiers.

Missile Launcher – Triple Chimera lay enemies dead in their tracks


Quad Tre’ Butchet – Quad Tre’ Butchet sounds like a rap name. Well in the War Robots meta, it is a powerful long-range sniper that allows for two powerful blasts of two sets of Trebuchets. This is the go-to setup if you win a Butch in the Black Market, happen to acquire enough Influence Points or spend big gold in the War Robots’ Royale.

Support Bots (Healers 4.0 Update)

With the 4.0 Update, Pixonic has turned their focus towards making Clan & Teamplay a higher priority. Enter Mender & Weyland, the healing support bots with just enough firepower to make them useful in a quick confrontation but which really add value in the long game, healing opponents and prolonging the lifespan of more ferocious battlers.


Mender is best played as a mobile ambulance, ducking in and out of cover to provide healing for its comrades engaged in brawls. For this reason, pilots will want to equip either mini-Death Button setups of 2x Pinata and Orkan or Plasma style with 2x Magnum and Taran/2x Spark and Scourge. 2x Aphid and Vortex allows for the maximum amount of support as you’ll want to seek shelter and avoid direct confrontations with the enemy while you Pulse them with added health.


As opposed to Mender who runs around seeking battle, Weyland is meant to bolster backlines and snipe at its enemies while granting repairs per second. This basically means finding a good spot on the map in proximity to where your Clan mates are in battle but far enough away to stay out of enemy range. Your teammates can always track back to heal up, then head back out to battle all while you pick away at the enemy with any long-range weapon, such as dual Trebuchet, Tempest, Chimera, etc.

Middle-Tier Bot Setups

These bot setups are useful up until the Expert League. An important point of note is that with the sudden influx of new Plasma, Homing Missile and Rockets weapons (not to0 mention bots with incredible Abilities and weapons’ capacities), these bots could shift at any moment. The Carnage, for example, is now susceptible to many more weapons than it used to be due to new Plasma weapons. The Rhino and Galahad can handle any front-facing incoming Plasma but are rocked by missiles and rockets. Situationally speaking, however, when your Carnage has just been done in by Shocktrains, Scourges or Tarans, quickly respawn and get back to your previous position with one of these Shielded bots and you’re back in business. This is the best practice when filling out the rest of your hangar.


Death Button Griffin – “Death Button” refers to pressing the Red firing button and unleashing a powerful volley all at once. Terminology aside, the Death Button setup refers to a combination of two Pins and two Orkans. This was previously a crushing blow against any bot that lacked an Ancile or Energy Shield. Due to the prevalence of the two in the current meta, along with the speed of the Dash bots to evade fire, this setup has become less effective but situationally still a force on the battlefield. With these four weapons leveled up, it can still be a devastating setup even up to the higher leagues and with the advent of the “fire while reloading” mechanism, it can take out Ancile/Energy Shielded bots at lower levels. Up until Masters League, this setup should be in your hangar. Use this within 300m of your enemies.

Bot Setups:

Russian Death Button Griffin – Similar to the standard, yet with Pinata/Tulumbas in place of the Pin/Orkan. A longer reach of 500m counteracts a longer reload time for your weapons. This is an effective counter against standard DB’s as it allows pilots to strike first.

Plasma Death Button Griffin – Twin Magnums and Tarans are the bane to Ancile/Energy Shielded bots. Keep your distance as its effective range of 350m means you can toy with Carnages from outside of their effective range. Best used in the current meta for flanking, it is most effective against lower-level bots and bots that are locked in battle against teammates. It has lost its effectiveness due to the Griffin’s slow speed but crafty pilots making good use of the Jump Ability can do work with this setup until the Expert Leagues.

Stukka Griffin – Aphids and Orkans. This can be particularly effective against bots without Ancile/Energy Shields when you fire the Aphids over a wall or barrier to weaken your foe, then Jump in to finish off with Orkans.

Gunship Griffin – Dual Punisher/T, Molot/T. Suppress enemies, Jump around and finish off weakened bots. Very vulnerable to return fire and versatile until medium tiers.

Spydra/Flipped Spydra Griffin – Spirals and Hydra, or Magnums and Vortex; Aphids and Vortex Homing Griffin


Death Button/RDB/PDB Rhino – Same as the Griffin, but instead of Jump Ability, Assault Ability means pilots raise a front-facing Physical Shield and sprint into battle. Drop the front shield and unleash your full clip before raising back up and defending what’s left of your enemy. Quick speed but the lack of the ability to turn means you’re vulnerable to flank attacks. Also incredibly vulnerable to all missiles and rockets. Effective until Expert Leagues.

Spydra/Flipped Spydra Rhino – Spirals and Hydra, or Magnums and Vortex; Aphids and Vortex Homing Rhino


We’ve put these two bots together as they are essentially light/medium versions of each other. Both can engage front shields to block incoming Plasma but are equally vulnerable to flank/behind attacks. The Gareth has less health but more speed. The Galahad is the converse, as it is more durable but slower. Gareth is great for capping beacons and can hold its own until the top leagues. Galahad can last longer in the meta but is useful for situations like beacon defense or attacking vulnerable bots that lack shielding. Gareth has space for 1 medium and 1 light hardpoint weapon. Galahad can add a second light hardpoint weapon.

Bot Setups:

Plasma Knight Gareth/Galahad – 1 or 2 Magnums with Tarans/Scourge useful vs. bots with only Ancile/Energy Shields.

Rocket Knight Gareth/Galahad – 1 or 2 Pins with Orkan useful vs. Physical Shield bots and unshielded bots. Useless against bots with Ancile or Energy Shields.


Carnage is a fan favorite of the originals, second only perhaps to the Griffin. Carnage is a sometimes quick (Rush Ability – 66% increased speed) but mostly slow (20-second cooldown) bot that delivers serious damage from its twin heavy hardpoints. The Thunder Carnage is effective until the Master’s League if piloted properly. Its Energy Shield protects it from missiles and rockets, but with the influx of new Plasma makes it incredible vulnerable. As an ambusher hiding around corners, patiently, waiting to strike for minutes at a time, it can destroy many bots quickly. Positions near home beacons on Shenzhen, for example, can provide ample hunting ground. In open space on large maps, it is completely defenseless and a well-placed Fury Zeus/Trebuchet can wipe out almost all of its health before it even gets started.

Thunder Carnage – Close-quarter ambusher able to take out bots quickly and efficiently. One of the popular bot setups.

Thunder Trident – Quick sniper able to handle bots without Ancile/Energy Shields. Vulnerable to long-range Plasma such as Trebuchet and Gekko.

Thunder Zeus – Another medium-range sniper able to deal damage on the move.


Quad Doc Orkans/Tulumbas – Powerful combo, low health points mean use as an ambusher. Hit, quick draw, hit, if you’re still alive, hide.


Triple Hydra Fujin – When deployed into Sentry Mode properly and in the right position, pilots can infuriatingly rack up the damage on a variety of enemies in a variety of locations from relative safety. When leveled up, the Fujin’s Energy Shield keeps it safe from rockets/missiles and drops homing missiles left and right. Very vulnerable to Plasma.

Triple Taran/Orkan Fujin – Beacon defender extraordinaire… if attack bots don’t have Plasma. Three medium hardpoints rip through opponents with ease. Taran eviscerates Ancile/Energy fields. Orkan for Physical Shielded bots.


Dual Thunders/Embers – Defend everything with Bastion Mode and 33% increased damage. Two strong Physical Shields protect against Plasma for a long time. Effective counter to the Plasma influx.

Dual Tempests – Powerful suppressive fire. In Bastion Mode, cuts enemies to ribbons if they don’t find cover. Climb high and let loose.


Tarannosaurus Rog – The resurgent Rogatka benefits from increased speed and low-cooldown Jump ability.  Cap beacons and hit up your enemies with Tarans as  you go. Long-range Plasma in the form of Scourge and Shocktrain has limited its resurgence and relative effectiveness.

Orkasaurous Rog – Same but Orkans instead of Tarans. Lots of damage in a short period before you Jump away.


Able to hang around in higher leagues due to it’s ability to maintain Sniper weaponry, it is largely immobile and a sitting duck for most enemies.

Sniper – Twin Trebuchets with dual Gekko/Arbalest

Safe Space Natasha – Twin Thunders/Gust; Ancile/Thunder/Gusts


Hover Missiles – Orkans/Pinata, Hydra or Vortex/Aphid

Plasma Hover – Tarans or Scourge/Shocktrain and Magnum

Gunship Hover – Punisher/Ts, Molot/Ts

Starter Bot Setups

These bots are best for new players looking to level up to level 30 and reach the league system of War Robots. Some of these bots were former key cogs in the meta (such as the Stalker) yet have been relegated to the starter tier due to ineffectiveness. Others, meanwhile, are great from the get-go, but lose their value as competition and weapon power increases (Leo, Natasha, Jese).


Stalker Ninja/Aphids/Pins – Twin magnums and the Stealth Ability. Used to be deadly as a beacon capper/assassin. Now relegated to lower tiers due to powerful weapons and lock-on Plasmas.

Stalker Gust – Making a resurgence to mid tiers if piloted with skill. Leveled-up Gusts are a deadly proposition if you enter a bots’ Energy Field and fire away


Magnum/Aphid/Pinata Gepard – Three light slots on a quick and shifty bot. Controversial, as Gepard lovers love Gepard. They are the Conor McGregor fans of WR. They tell you they do CrossFit and are Vegans every 5 minutes. They brag about being gluten-free. Unfortunately it’s all bark nowadays as lock-on Plasma eats this little Gepard alive. It’s beacon-capping uses and light combat ability makes it a good bot until mid leagues but with a price of 1,200 Au, it’s not worth the price anymore. Now only if Pix would give it a Stealth ability… we can only wish.


Jesse Aphids – Good damage, no chin. Useful until lower-mid tiers

Bot Setups: Aphids, Spark


The twins… one heavy hardpoint with two light or one/one light/medium. Pace given for firepower. These are versatile bots at low levels and allow new pilots to try out their random array of weapons in contrast/company of each other. With no abilities or shielding, their durability is low and their power output doesn’t match up with its piers.


For fear of losing our readers, we’ll just say this – run, jump, pray. Maybe add an Orkan for aesthetics? An ECU for a slightly-longer life after your first jump?


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