Gepard Stalker


There are 7 Light Robots to choose from… How will you fill your hangar?

There are three classes of robots to choose from, each with its own unique traits and characteristics. Some bots have special abilities designed to give you a leg up in certain battle situations. Set your hangar up using a combination of Light, Medium and Heavy robots to handle all game situations. Light robots are a part of any well-balanced hangar.

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Light-Class Robots

Light-class bots are characterized by speed over firepower. Capture beacons with a host of speedy options ranging from the at-times invisible Stalker, the shielded Gareth or powerful little speedsters Gepard or Jesse. When starting your career, Cossack, Destrier and Schutze become your go-to bots of choice.

Light Robots

Light Bots Roster

CossackAg_Small_Silver Cossack Small_Jump

A nifty little beacon capper

DestrierAg_Small_Silver Destrier

The essential level 1 starter bot

SchutzeAg_Small_Silver Schutze

One-shot sniper bot

GarethAu_Small_Gold Gareth Small_Phalanx

A versatile and shielded bot able to punch above its weight

GepardAu_Small_Gold Gepard

Three light hardpoints and a whole lotta pace

JesseAu_Small_Gold Jesse Small_QuickDraw

A gunslinger with plenty of kick

Stalker Stalker Small_Stealth

The nightmare that goes bump in the dark…

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