There are 22 Medium Robots to choose from… How will you fill your hangar?

There are three classes of robots to choose from, each with its own unique traits and characteristics. Some bots have special abilities designed to give you a leg up in certain battle situations. Set your hangar up using a combination of Light, Medium and Heavy robots to handle all game situations. Medium Robots are used for a range of purposes.

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Medium-Class Robots (Comps)

Medium Robots equal versatility. Mix firepower and pace to rain terrifying damage on your enemies. Traditional setups like the Galahad, Vityaz and Golem roam the fields from lower-to-medium-upper tiers in WR, while the Dash bot trio of Bulgasari, Haechi and Kumiho roam the Champions’ and Masters’ Leagues. The Rogatka is considered the next-level beacon chaser until enough components are acquired to purchase a Dash. Fujin and Carnage both boast built-in energy shields which complement their serious firepower and unique abilities, making them two units to watch on the battlefield. Hover may be the most polarizing bot of the current WR meta, as it serves as a flying bot which draws massive fire when in range of enemy reds.

medium robots

Medium-Class Robots Roster (Comps)

BulgasariComponents_Small Bulgasari Small_Dash

Physical shielding on a Dash bot? Yikes!


Components_Small Bulwark Small_Dash

A mobile tank that is as durable as it is powerful


Components_Small Falcon Small_Dash

Strong Shields and a Powerful Build – Fly with the Falcon

HaechiComponents_Small Haechi Small_Dash

Power x 3 + Energy Shield + Dash = Trouble


Components_Small Hellburner

Blow yourself up… and your enemies!

HoverComponents_Small Hover Small_Glide

Take to the skies and rain carnage on your foes

InquisitorComponents_Small Inquisitor Small_Descend

Death from above… and you won’t even see it coming!

KumihoComponents_Small Kumiho Small_Dash

Feeling the need? The Need for Speed!


Components_Small Mender

The mobile ambulance ability of Mender is sure to shake up Clan battles


Components_Small Mercury

Jump and Helldive into your enemies, dealing damage as you go


Components_Small Pursuer

Like the Gepard? You’ll love this powerhouse Pursuer


Components_Small Raven Small_Jump

Upgrade your Griffin with the Double-Jumping Raven!


Components_Small SpectreSmall_Descend

Four Medium Hardpoints… run for cover!


Components_Small Strider

You’re bot is gone, and you didn’t even see it coming… or going…

Components_Small Weyland

A fire-power packed base to heal yourself and your teammates

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