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There are several types of robots to choose from… which kind of bot would you like to pilot today? The War Robots’ Robots Guide is here to help

War Robots Robots Guide recognizes three classes of robots to choose from: Light, Medium and heavy. Each type of bot has its own unique traits and characteristics, strengths and weaknesses and pros and cons in different combat situations. Click on the bots below for more details on that specific bot. Our full robots guide gives you all the details below:


Light-Class Robots

Light-class bots are characterized by speed over firepower. Capture beacons with a host of speedy options ranging from the at-times invisible Stalker, the shielded Gareth or powerful little speedsters Gepard or Jesse. When starting your career, Cossack, Destrier and Schutze become your go-to bots of choice. Stalker and Gareth keep their values until much higher leagues.

Cossack Destrier Gepard Schutze Gareth Stalker Jesse Full

Medium-Class Robots

Medium Robots equal versatility. Mix firepower and pace to rain terrifying damage on your enemies. Traditional setups like the Galahad, Vityaz and Golem roam the fields from lower-to-medium-upper tiers in WR, while the Dash bot trio of Bulgasari, Haechi and Kumiho roam the Champions’ and Masters’ Leagues. The Rogatka is considered the next-level beacon chaser until enough components are acquired to purchase a Dash. Fujin and Carnage both boast built-in energy shields which complement their serious firepower and unique abilities, making them two units to watch on the battlefield. Hover may be the most polarizing bot of the current WR meta, as it serves as a flying bot which draws massive fire when in range of enemy reds.

Vityaz Golem GL. Patton Boa Carnage Galahad Doc Fujin Bulgasari Haechi Hover Inquisitor Kumiho Spectre Strider

 Falcon RavenBulwarkmender weyland

Heavy-Class Robots

The slowest bots on the battlefield lay fire and brimstone on enemies from abroad. Sniper specialists in the form of Fury and Butch can torch enemies at a distance, while Lancelot and Inquisitor give lessons on heavy brawling at close quarters. Leo, Griffin and Raijin offer unique qualities which allow them to flourish until the very highest leagues.

Natasha Leo Griffin Rhino raijin Lancelot Fury Butch

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