heavy weapons


Load up a bot with two or three Heavy Weapons and destroy all in your path

There are three classes of weapons to choose from, each with its own unique traits and characteristics. Some weapons reload after one shot and some are designed to give you a leg up in certain battle situations. Set your hangar up using a combination of Light, Medium and Heavy weapons on your bots to handle all game situations, from sniping to close-quarter combat. Heavy Weapons are the pinnacle of damage in the WR universe. Typically weighed down by longer reloads and smaller clips, more damage can be dealt in a single blow making these weapons supremely-terrifying on the battlefield.

For information on weapons types, check out our Weapons Guide

Heavy-Class Weapons

Heavy-class weapons are the most powerful in the game and able to deliver huge amounts of damage in very short periods of time. Choose from the short-range shotgun Thunder to the one-shot energy sniper Trebuchet to the lock-on electric blast of the Zeus… and more!

Heavy Weapons Store

kang dae
Ag_Small_Silver Kang Dae

Powerful superheavy long-range weapon with a high reload time


Ag_Small_Silver Nashorn

Superheavy long-range weapon with a low reload time


Ag_Small_Silver Thunder

Heavy shotgun perfect for close-quarters combat


Ag_Small_Silver Zenit

Heavy missile battery designed for long-range attacks


Au_Small_Gold Ancile

Protective Energy Shield able to stop incoming projectile weapons


Au_Small_Gold Zeus

Lock-on electricity weapon able to lay heavy damage on the speediest of enemies


WSP_Small Trebuchet

Superheavy long-range energy sniper able to deliver massive power at full charge


WSP_Small Trident

Missile weapon with a large area of impact; able to damage opponents protected by ECU shield or a cover


Components_Small Avenger

Plow down your enemies with this heavy Punisher


Components_Small Chimera

The big brother of the Spiral and Hydra plays for keeps


Components_Small Dragoon

A magnificent energy weapon of powerful proportions


Components_Small Ember

A devastating weapon to use at close range, this industrial-grade device melts down regular metal like chocolate


Components_Small Exodus

Short-range destroyer of worlds, and robots


Components_Small Flux

Zap your enemies with powerful death rays from across the map


Components_Small Redeemer

A plasma weapon designed for launching retaliatory attacks


Components_Small Tempest

Tempest is a heavy slot, long-range revolver cannon


Components_Small Thermite

The “Heavy Aphid” has arrived and comes with punishing homing missiles

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