Phfooosh! That’s the sound of a fully-charged Trebuchet slamming into your energy-shielded bot

The Trebuchet is one of the most powerful weapons in the War Robots Universe at full charge. Great to use, terrible to be on the receiving end.



Weapons Class: Heavy

Combat Type(s): Long Range

Maximum Range: 1,100m

Clip Size: 1 Plasma Bolt

Full Reload Time: 3 seconds to 23 seconds (full charge)

Rate of Fire: 1 plasma bolt per 3-23 seconds

Damage Type: Energy

Required Account Level: 20

Purchase Cost: 7,500 Workshop Points (WSP)


Game Description:

Trebuchet is an energy weapon. Superheavy long-range energy weapon that fires bolts of high-temperature plasma, accelerated to enormous speeds. Able to charge prior to firing thus increasing total damage by up to 20 times. Tremendous damage in a single shot and high projectile speed. Difficult to utilize at close range.

“!#$#%” Is what pilots shout when one shot from a Trebuchet destroys your bot, from range, and you didn’t even see it coming. Ironically enough, it is also what pilots howl when one shot from their Trebuchets kills a bot stone cold dead.

The heavy-hardpoint Trebuchet is a Workshop Points special that boasts amazing distance, perfect accuracy and terrifying damage. The only downside to this weapon is its 23-second reload time for a full charge. It ignores Energy and Ancile shields, can break physical shields in a blast or two, and when used in threes on the Fury becomes the ultimate one-shot sniper bot. Experienced pilots will learn how long to wait between each blast to put out the amount of damage needed. Fury Trebs have made the Carnage and other unshielded bots almost redundant when faced on the open fields of Springfield, Canyon or Yamantau. Cover is your only salvation.

As far as damage per minute is concerned, Nashorn outpoints the Trebuchet as does the Kang Dae on occasion. You’ll want to fire and cover with the Trebuchet to survive in the game long term to make the single-shot damage worth it. When using the Trebuchet, pilots will notice a three-second “cooldown” period until the barrel of the weapon opens – the longer the charge, the brighter the beam of light coming from the barrel will be.

Three notes: If facing Trebs, poke your camera around corners to see if there is a Trebuchet-mounted bot in sight. This will keep you from popping around a corner or sprinting across a field only to be caught out in the open. Secondly, the barrels of the Trebuchet can be seen by enemies so if their light is dim, hide behind cover or if facing one, sprint as fast as you can to the next cover. Lastly, Trebs begin charging as soon as you drop into battle so if you drop into Springfield in a small or medium bot without a shield, find cover quick!

Don’t go out there! This is how to “corner peek” with an unshielded bot to scope out potential Fury Trebuchets

To buy a Trebuchet from the store, you’ll need to invest 3,268,740 Silver and 14 days in order to gather enough WSP to buy a Trebuchet – if using all six WSP slots. You can also win them from prize boxes in the Black Market.

Upgrading (1st Cycle)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle* Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
1 7,500 (WSP) 6,840 6,840
2 20,000 7,600 7,600 11 minutes
3 40,000 8,400 8,400 1 hour
4 80,000 9,200 9,200 2 hours
5 400,000 10,000 10,000 8 hours
6 800,000 11,000 11,000 17 hours
7 1,600,000 12,000 12,000 1 day, 9 hours
8 3,000,000 13,200 13,200 1 day, 18 hours
9 6,000,000 14,600 14,600 2 days, 2 hours
10 10,000,000 16,000 16,000 2 days, 13 hours
11 16,000,000 17,600 17,600 3 days, 11 hours
12 26,000,000 19,320 19,320 4 days, 18 hours

*Damage at full charge

Total Silver: 63,940,000

Total Time: 17 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes

Upgrading (MK2)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle* Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
1 500 (Au) 8,208 8,208
2 20,000 9,120 9,120 11 minutes
3 40,000 10,080 10,080 1 hour
4 80,000 11,040 11,040 2 hours
5 400,000 12,000 12,000 8 hours
6 800,000 13,200 13,200 17 hours
7 1,600,000 14,400 14,400 1 day, 9 hours
8 3,000,000 15,840 15,840 1 day, 18 hours
9 6,000,000 17,520 17,520 2 days, 2 hours
10 10,000,000 19,200 19,200 2 days, 13 hours
11 16,000,000 21,120 21,120 3 days, 11 hours
12 26,000,000 23,184 23,184 4 days, 18 hours

*Damage at full charge

Total Silver: 63,940,000

Total Time: 17 days, 3 hours and 11 minutes

MK2 Levels 1-12 cost the same in terms of time and currency. A 20% damage bonus is added per missile/plasma blast depending on the weapon along with “added durability.”

Recommended Weapon Setups: Triple Trebuchet Fury, Natasha with dual Trebs and Gekko, Carnage twin Trebs, Leo with GekkosTrebuchet

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