The Zeus is an electric-beam bolting nightmare on the battlefield

Zeus locks onto targets within 600m and fries them with force. Never misses with a clear line of sight.zeus


Weapons Class: Heavy

Combat Type(s): Long Range

Maximum Range: 600m

Clip Size: 1 Pulse

Full Reload Time: 5 seconds

Rate of Fire: 1 pulse per second

Damage Type: Energy

Required Account Level: 13

Purchase Cost: 1,500 Gold (Au)


Game Description:

Zeus is an energy weapon. Deals tremendous damage at distances up to 600m and reloads rapidly. Target lock-on required to fire. Ignores Ancile shield.

The premier energy weapon before the arrival of Shocktrain, the Zeus is an energy-powered-homing-electric pulse of destruction. With a fabulous range of 600m coupled with a recharge time of only 5 seconds, once you target your enemy its lights out. Though for a bill of 1,500 gold, it better be!

The heavy-hardpoint Zeus requires a clear line of sight to hit its target and, while it lacks Splash damage, it does do a tremendous amount of damage even at lower levels. Its versatility makes it effective on knife-fighting units like Golem or Carnage, or longer-range setups on a Leo with Gekkos, Pinatas or even Magnums. Once leveled up, the Fury triple Zeus might be the most potent setup in the game, save the triple Shocktrain on a Dash bot.

Experienced pilots will keep a good range from their enemies to stay out of the 300m-500m ranged weapons while still maintaining their 600m sweet spot. If used properly, you can get off almost 11 shots per minute! As an Energy weapon, it can bypass both Energy and Ancile shields. The only downside of the Zeus is that it cannot penetrate physical shields. It can weaken shielded bots for sure, but it will take a few shots extra at minimum. That means be wary of a charging Rhino, Gareth, Galahad or Lancelot. Ecu also stop the Zeus but not for long. The Raijin is a great counter bot to the Zeus as it has a large shield life coupled with its heavy hardpoints’ ability to fire back at range with a host of sniping weapons (think Trident, Trebuchet, Zeus, etc).

According to Wiki and Greek history, the Zeus is a direct reference to the ancient Greek god of the sky and thunder. Oh and science – deep breath – “The Zeus is likely a very powerful Tesla Cannon, which shoots megawatt lightning at a long range, ionising the target area and superheating the air around it, creating a small explosion equivalent to that of a thunderclap, which would destroy a conventional vehicle but only shake the robots in WR. This is supported by the fact that the Zeus has to “lock-on,” finding what amount of current, at what frequency, and at what particular charge is needed to selectively hit the target and not the ground in front of the cannon.” Whew.


Upgrading (1st Cycle)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
5 1,500 (Au) 8,486 8,486
6 960,000 9,325 9,325 20 hours
7 1,900,000 10,247 10,247 1 day, 16 hours
8 3,600,000 11,261 11,261 2 days, 2 hours
9 7,200,000 12,375 12,375 2 days, 12 hours
10 12,000,000 13,599 13,599 3 days, 1 hour
11 19,000,000 14,944 14,944 4 days, 4 hours
12 31,000,000 16,422 16,422 5 days, 17 hours

Total Silver: 75,660,000

Total Time: 20 days

Upgrading (MK2)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
5 500 (Au) 10,183 10,183
6 960,000 11,190 11,190 20 hours
7 1,900,000 12,296 12,296 1 day, 16 hours
8 3,600,000 13,513 13,513 2 days, 2 hours
9 7,200,000 14,850 14,850 2 days, 12 hours
10 12,000,000 16,319 16,319 3 days, 1 hour
11 19,000,000 17,933 17,933 4 days, 4 hours
12 31,000,000 19,706 19,706 5 days, 17 hours

Total Silver: 75,660,000

Total Time: 20 days

MK2 Levels 1-12 cost the same in terms of time and currency. A 20% damage bonus is added per missile/plasma blast depending on the weapon along with “added durability.”

Recommended Weapon Setups: Carnage with dual Zeus, Fury triple Zeus, Natasha with dual Zeus/Gekko, Vityaz/Golem knife-fighting setups (think Magnum/Gekko/Pinata/Pin combos), Leo with Magnums

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