Light Weapons are the catalyst for dealing damage on the battlefield

There are three classes of weapons to choose from, each with its own unique traits and characteristics. Some weapons reload instantaneously and some are designed to give you a leg up in certain battle situations. Set your hangar up using a combination of Light, Medium and Heavy weapons on your bots to handle all game situations, from sniping to close-quarter combat. The light weapons available in the War Robots’ Store can either deal enormous damage at the closest of ranges or slowly drain enemies from distance to anything in between.

For information on weapons types, check out our Weapons Guide

Light-Class Weapons

Light-class weapons are best used in multiples to pile up the damage on enemy bots. From lasers to missiles to small guns, match your weapons by firing time and reload time for maximum impact and efficiency during battle.

Light Weapon Stores

ECUAg_Small_Silver ECU

An additional Physical Shield to protect you from incoming fire

Ag_Small_Silver Molot

Molot is a light slot, long-range revolver cannon


Ag_Small_Silver Noricum

Long-range missile artillery with a wide landing range

Ag_Small_Silver Pin

Medium-range missiles designed for maximum damage

Ag_Small_Silver Pinata

Short-range missiles designed for maximum damage

Ag_Small_Silver Punisher

Punisher is a light slot, short-range rotary cannon

Ag_Small_Silver Spiral

Self-homing missiles do not miss but require target lock-on to fire


Au_Small_Gold Aphid

Lock-on required to blast your enemy with powerful homing missiles


Au_Small_Gold Gekko

Long-range laser perfect for suppressing enemy bots


WSP_Small Magnum

Rapid-fire medium-range laser gun able to fire continuously without needing to reload


Components_Small Arbalest

The light Trebuchet is a compliment to the long-range sniper


Components_Small Gust

Short-range light shotgun able to deliver serious damage in a short time


Components_Small Spark

Close-in on your enemies with a sizzling supersoaker

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