A small grouping of powerful missiles make the Aphid a real worry in skirmishes

Watch out for the Aphid! Cover is your only salvation when facing these robust homing missiles.



Weapons Class: Light

Combat Type(s): Short-Medium Range

Maximum Range: 350m

Clip Size: 8 homing missiles

Full Reload Time: 10 Seconds

Rate of Fire: 8 missiles per second

Damage Type: Missile

Required Account Level: 7

Purchase Cost: 750 Gold (Au)

Game Description:

Low weapon range is compensated by high damage. Missiles can easily fly over low obstacles but are ineffective against fast-moving robots.

The Aphid is more-or-less a beefed up version of the Spiral. The 8 homing missiles fired from the Aphid are more powerful than the Spirals, meaning it costs gold to get the goods to deal the damage vs. the cheaper silver option of the Spiral. The medium version of this weapon (which you’ll find it paired with most notably on Griffins and Rhinos) is the Hydra. All three of these weapons home in on their targets and can clear low obstacles such as walls and barriers. They do not, however, deal splash damage such as the rocket weapons Pins, Pinatas or Orkans.

Once an Aphid locks onto its target (beginning at 600m, though you’ll have to close in to 350m then it is go time! Clever pilots will aim between two green brackets which appear to the left and right of the enemy to curve the missiles in said direction. The Spiral rockets curve more so keep this in mind when running Aphids for the first time.

The faster the enemy robot, the harder they will be to hit, so it is best to time their launch after, for example, a Dash bot dashes or a jumping bot jumps. It goes without saying that if you’re about to be on the receiving end of an Aphid salvo, time your movements based on the enemy’s shot time. The missiles fire into a ring and as mentioned previously, their arching trajectory makes them very useful on levels like Moon and Valley while you keep cover. According to Wiki, about 4-5 of the 8 missiles fired will hit the target if they don’t all hit. A 10-second reload means pilots will have to run for cover or stay behind your cover after firing.

The versatile Aphids are great for open-ground scenarios where opponents cannot take cover and are useful in pairs when knife-fighting with a Stalker. Leos and Pattons are useful for tripling and quadrupling damage when facing lower-level or slower bots. They are quite weak vs. Ancile shields and energy shields, so be wary of an enemy Carnage, Ancilot or Haechi.

According to Wiki, there is a “Russian short-range lightweight infrared homing air-to-air missile weapon with the same name, the AA-8 ‘Aphid’” and an insect baring the same name. Unfortunately for enemy pilots, the Aphid will do significantly more damage than just landing on your arm!


Upgrading (1st Cycle)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
5 750 (Au) 1,230 9,840
6 750,000 1,350 10,800 10 hours
7 1,600,000 1,480 11,840 20 hours
8 2,600,000 1,630 13,040 1 day, 4 hours
9 4,100,000 1,790 14,320 1 day, 8 hours
10 6,100,000 1,970 15,760 1 day, 13 hours
11 9,000,000 2,170 17,360 2 days, 2 hours
12 14,000,000 2,380 19,040 2 days, 20 hours

Total Silver: 38,150,000

Total Time: 10 days and 5 hours

Upgrading (MK2)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
5 500 (Au) 1,476 11,808
6 750,000 1,620 12,960 10 hours
7 1,600,000 1,776 14,208 20 hours
8 2,600,000 1,956 15,648 1 day, 4 hours
9 4,100,000 2,148 17,184 1 day, 8 hours
10 6,100,000 2,364 18,912 1 day, 13 hours
11 9,000,000 2,604 20,832 2 days, 2 hours
12 14,000,000 2,856 22,848 2 days, 20 hours

Total Silver: 38,150,000

Total Time: 10 days and 5 hours

MK2 Levels 1-12 cost the same in terms of time and currency. A 20% damage bonus is added per missile/plasma blast depending on the weapon along with “added durability.”

Recommended Weapon Setups: Dual Aphids with Orkans/Hydras on “Stukka” Griffins or Rhinos, Pothead Leo with triple Aphids and an Ancile on top, hit-and-run Stalker with dual Aphids, Jesse with quick-draw quad Aphids or dual magnums to swap out and finish low-medium level bots off, Gepard with trip Aphids or the GI Patton with quad Aphids.


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