Pinata is the prowler’s preference

The Pinata was built for close-quarter combat. Stalk your opponents and let loose with this light weapon.


Weapons Class: Light

Combat Type(s): Short Range

Maximum Range: 300m

Clip Size: 17 missiles

Full Reload Time: 15 Seconds

Rate of Fire: 8.3 rockets per second

Damage Type: Rocket

Required Account Level: 7

Purchase Cost: 290,000 Silver (Ag)

Game Description:

Pinata is a light slot, short-range unguided rocket launcher. Rockets have a medium AOE (area of effect). Deal damage to a group of enemies as well as their physical shields or enemies taking cover. Automatic firing mode. Launch rockets precisely and separately or in long bursts. Smart reload system. Weapon reloads to full capacity while firing as soon as one rocket is expended.

Smash and splash! The Pinata is a powerful short-range rocket system built for close-quarter combat. Its splash damage allows a pilot to hammer his opponent who thinks he has enough cover around a corner. A Smart Reload System (fire while reloading) allows plenty of small rocket shots to polish off an enemy once you’ve unloaded the full clip. The Pinata is the light hardpoint partner of the medium-hardpoint Orkan like the Pin is to the medium-hardpoint Tulumbas.

The Pinata, as a light slot weapon, is especially useful against shielded bots such as the British Armed Forces/Crusader/Knights bots. These being of course the Gareth, Galahad and Lancelot. They are also useful against unshielded bots without energy or Ancile shields and can penetrate even the ECU shields. The new Dash bots can quickly sprint out of damage range making them trickier to hit. Anticipation has become essential with these powerful little rockets. Close into 300m and let them fly!

The Pinata is a crucial part of the Death Button setups on the Griffin and Rhino, meant to deal a devastating if not lethal blow to many of the games’ robots. Wield dual Pinatas and Orkans, level them up and once you close in on your opponent, hit the Death Button aka the red firing button… Then it’s sayonara to your enemy!


Upgrading (1st Cycle)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
5 290,000 760 12,920
6 400,000 830 14,110 8 hours
7 800,000 910 15,470 17 hours
8 1,500,000 1,000 17,000 21 hours
9 3,000,000 1,100 18,700 1 day, 1 hour
10 5,000,000 1,210 20,570 1 day, 7 hours
11 8,000,000 1,330 22,610 1 day, 18 hours
12 13,000,000 1,460 24,820 2 days, 9 hours

Total Silver: 31,700,000

Total Time: 8 days and 9 hours

Upgrading (MK2)

Level Cost (Ag) Damage Per Particle Damage Per Full Clip Upgrade Time
5 500 (Au) 912 15,504
6 400,000 996 16,932 8 hours
7 800,000 1,092 18,564 17 hours
8 1,500,000 1,200 20,400 21 hours
9 3,000,000 1,320 22,440 1 day, 1 hour
10 5,000,000 1,452 24,684 1 day, 7 hours
11 8,000,000 1,596 27,132 1 day, 18 hours
12 13,000,000 1,752 29,784 2 days, 9 hours

Total Silver: 31,700,000

Total Time: 8 days and 9 hours

MK2 Levels 1-12 cost the same in terms of time and currency. A 20% damage bonus is added per missile/plasma blast depending on the weapon along with “added durability.”

Recommended Weapon Setups: Death Button Griffin/Rhino with dual Pinatas/Orkans, Leo with triple Pinatas and either Ancile/Thunder, Knife Fighter Stalker with dual Pinatas, Triple Pinata Gepard, quad Pinata Jesse or G.I. Patton. Lower- to mid-level setups make use of its versatility including Gareth, Vityaz, Golem and at medium level Galahad.


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