Medium WEapons


Versatility and power in abundance are the hallmark of Medium Weapons

There are three classes of weapons to choose from, each with its own unique traits and characteristics. Some weapons reload after one shot and some are designed to give you a leg up in certain battle situations. Set your hangar up using a combination of Light, Medium and Heavy weapons on your bots to handle all game situations, from sniping to close-quarter combat. Medium Weapons stress increased power, range and versatility along with intermediate reload times for a range of battle options and styles.

For information on weapons types, check out our Weapons Guide

Medium-Class Weapons

Medium-class weapons are versatile and able to deliver huge amounts of damage. From long- and short-range lasers to missiles and guns, match your weapons by distance, firing time and reload time for maximum impact and efficiency during battle.

Medium Weapons Store

Ag_Small_Silver ECU

An additional Physical Shield to protect you from incoming fire

Molot T

Ag_Small_Silver Molot T

Molot T is a more powerful, medium slot long-range revolver cannon

Punisher T

Ag_Small_Silver Punisher T

Punisher T is a more powerful, medium slot short-range rotary cannon


Ag_Small_Silver Tulumbas

Medium-range missiles designed for maximum damage


Au_Small_Gold Orkan

Short-range missiles designed for maximum damage


WSP_Small Hydra

Homing missiles capable of delivering large amounts of damage


WSP_Small Taran

Medium-range laser blaster which fires in dual bursts


Components_Small Ballista

Long-range rechargeable blaster with a 12-second reload


Components_Small Ion

Lock-on targeting with a deadly electric arc


Components_Small Scourge

Projects an electric arc that does more damage the closer you are to the target


Components_Small Shocktrain

Launches a powerful energy arc that deals damage to several enemies with each shot


Components_Small Storm

Kinetic shotgun of a moderate size designed for close encounters of the Red kind


Components_Small Vortex

6 Homing Missiles rain pain on your foes

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